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MCE123 Technology Development, in close coordination with MCE123 Marketing, has produced an enormous amount of intelligence relating to different industries and technologies that are both emerging and futuristic in nature. Please note that we do not publish the actual dates that we developed the information, in case there is a question about where the information came from – as nearly all of it would be determined to be original from this company.

The public and private sectors are welcome to use the information for educational and entertainment purposes, however if the information is used to develop for-profit systems or technologies, then the company(s) that use the Intellectual Property must have written permission from the MCE123 Company Founder, Patrick R. McElhiney, in order to use the IP.


We also offer services in which we can design specific technologies for you, that would be high-level descriptions that could be used by Patent Lawyers, Engineers, Manufacturing Companies, and many other forms of converting IP into physical products or services.

There are many more invention concepts offline that we have not released at this time. Please check back or contact us if you are looking for something specific.

Magnetic Levitation Trains

This technology pertains to trains that magnetically levitate above a grid of electromagnets on a rail, that generate pulses of forward or reverse moving magnetic waves to push the train forward or backwards. The trains don’t have wheels, and because they are levitating, they have virtually no friction associated with the movement of the train. This cuts down on power loss from heat that would normally emanate from the train’s wheels, and it makes the train require less maintenance than trains that work on propulsion on a track. The technology can also be combined with stealthy shapes that reduce the wind resistance, so the train acts like a long aircraft. These trains can also be combined with a vacuum tube, that adds to the power and speed of the train, as there is less resistance from wind.

Wireless Power Hub

This technology pertains to a hub that would transmit power through electromagnetic waves throughout the entire building, powering wireless devices that would no longer need to rely on their batteries and chargers for powering the devices. This technology already exists, and has a history dating back to Nikola Tesla. Two objects resonating at the same frequency, can transmit an enormous amount of electricity, and with a hub, the power can originate from a central point. The technology could be created in a way that it is directional, so that the connections that originate from the hub are directed in the exact position of the device, as detected by a wireless signal that is sent out by the device saying that it needs power. This could cut down on loss of power that isn’t being used by any devices, or the hub could completely turn off when it is no longer needed, such as at night in a home. It would detect when it is needed, and turn back on.

Real-Time Stitched Modelling of Street-Views Based on Multiple Camera Angles

This technology pertains to the real-time stitching of video feeds from multiple camera angles at the street level to create models of what is occurring based on the artificial intelligence computer vision that analyzes the video feeds to build the models. This can allow the tracking of objects, such as persons or vehicles, in-between multiple camera angles, for the purpose of surveillance or locational services. Would if you needed to find your friend, and they were walking somewhere in New York City? It would be pretty hard without some type of technology. This technology would allow you to find them with facial recognition, and once they’re found, the system would follow them based on where they go. This tracking could be done for every person, and every vehicle, all the time – just based on the computer modelling that pieces together the multiple video feeds from surveillance cameras.

Real-Time Satellite Surveillance of Entire Earth

This technology pertains to an integration more than a breakthrough. It pertains to the real-time surveillance of the entire planet, using real-time imagery satellites, covering the entire planet. The system would be able to monitor the movement of cars, planes, people, animals, and other objects – in order to study their patterns for use in real-time applications such as Google Earth. Currently, satellites have been limited to a select group of people, usually the ultra-rich corporation and government entities, and usually for limited purposes. By having a single system that monitors everything, the data can be used by virtually anyone, as a streaming service that can be interpolated by any type of application in the cloud.

Holographic Televisions (TVs)

This technology pertains to televisions that display 3-dimensional images of objects and scenes with an immersive environment experience, that allows light to be displayed in a large space such as a living room or a movie theatre. These televisions won’t have screens like today’s flat-panel televisions. They’ll have what is referred to as a “viewing area” or “projection area”. It could be displayed above a desk or table, or it could be the entire room. With multiple projectors, it could even interact with humans that are in the viewing area, because the light is projected to specific x, y, z coordinates in a frame of space. The throughput of these projectors will be measured in the gigapixels. The barrier to entry for the technology, currently, isn’t the capabilities it offers, but the high cost. These technologies already exist in select places. This technology should be available for the cost of today’s televisions within 10 years.

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