Artificial Intelligence Information Retrieval System for U.S. Congress

This invention pertains to an AI architecture that would allow intelligence to be gathered by members of the U.S. Congress for the purpose of following-up on constituent inquiries, by gathering the relevant information through website prompts to determine what agency(s) are needed to be contacted, and what types of information needs to be gathered, and also would gather the required permission from the user before making any such retrievals. The system would automatically retrieve the information if all verification systems check out, or there would be a manual process to initiate automatic retrieval of all relevant information from such agencies by the member of Congress or their staff. The system would be on an internal network within the Federal Government’s networks, and the system would not have an external API that would allow an external user to access the intelligence. Encryption would be used in-between endpoints, and the information would automatically be purged from the Congressional systems if necessary or requested. Additional features may include automatic determination of actions for common actions taken by Congress to follow up on information retrievals, such as reviewing the intelligence and preparing a written response that would then be stored in a system, that could then be edited by a human working on behalf of the Congressional leader, for the purpose of customizing the response, or that individual with security clearance could send the response to the user through an online secure portal or by postal mail via an automated postal processing system.

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