Technology Development Projects

Automated Agricultural Robotics Technologies

These technologies pertain to the automation of farm labor, such as land preparation, weeding, planting, watering, trimming, harvesting and picking, and plant removal / plowing. The technologies, originally envisioned by MCE123 in 2010, would be able to perform over 90% of the labor required to farm land. It would use precise sensor networks, such as GPS navigation, depth sensors, humidity sensors, computer vision, and other types of sensors to determine the most productive ways to farm land – which could be determined with Artificial Intelligence that drives the robotics systems specific to the requirements of specific sets of land. The systems would be able to queue up operations, such as picking or harvesting, and automatically move vehicles into position to receive the harvest, and the vehicles would be able to automatically drive themselves to the drop off location(s). The systems would be able to determine which product should be picked and/or harvested to get the best possible product at the perfect timing. The systems would be able to spray pesticides automatically, with sensor systems that detect the presence of humans or other obstructions to know when to not spray. The systems would be able to prepare land for growing crops, and keep the land in good shape in-between harvests by keeping weeds and other non-needed plants under control.

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