Technology Development Projects

Natural Animal Instincts and Fighting Behavior Studies

These studies pertain to the natural instincts and fighting behaviors of animals, for the purpose of developing strategies to apply in business and in the development of technologies and other business sectors. Knowing how animals respond to specific conditions that they are placed in will help developers to think up new technologies, in addition to new ways to design technologies. An example would be to implement the personalities and behaviors of certain animals into Artificial Intelligence. This could have benefits, for an example, if the AI personality is that of an Eagle that hunts and finds food in a specific way. It is not susceptible to a lot of predators, so it becomes a high-flying success – and this is exactly the type of success that a business needs in the world. Additionally, applying the personality of a prey animal to the business of a candy bar or something else may make it more interesting to certain target markets – so this is an example of how Marketing can be driven by animal behaviors. The development of technologies and strategies could be specific to the way a specific animal acts, or it could be something more general in nature.

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