Bullet Trajectory Determination System through Heads-Up Display (HUD) Unit

This system pertains to a computing system that can track bullet trajectories as they occur, and display them on a heads-up display unit, such as for use with military forces or civilian military, or even law enforcement personnel. The system would be able to protect the head from incoming bullets using bullet-proof glass that doesn’t chip when a bullet hits it. The system would be able to show the trajectories of incoming and outgoing bullets, with instant replay, and delayed disappearance technology – that could essentially allow the soldier or police man to identify where the shots are coming from, and respond to the shots. The system could feed targeting information to a bullet-interception system, or a rapid response firing system, that could disable the incoming bullets or take out the shooter, or both.

This system would also have the capability of re-enacting shooting events, by piecing together photographs and videos feeds from multiple sources in the proximity, to determine the trajectory of a sniper or from a handgun, after the shooter has left the scene. The purpose is to have the capability to be hot on the tracks of the shooter, to have a quick response system that shows the video and images that may show the shooting, as they would appear on their x, y, z axis from the direction of where the photograph or video was taken from, and also have the capability to stitch together multiple photographs or videos, to determine what movements occurred before and after shots were fired, in addition to having the capability to generate a wireframe of the surroundings to determine where the shots could have come from – for instance if it was a sniper up on a roof or in a skyscraper. The system would be able to determine not only what different trajectories would have been accessible to the target spot, but also determine which one was used based on the photographs and/or video streams and/or wire frame that is stitched together of the event.

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