Technology Development Projects

Automated Tax Avoidance Accounting Software

This invention concept pertains to accounting planning software that helps to inform customers how to avoid paying taxes based on their projected earnings. It gives options of how to obtain write-offs through purchases, and advises on other financial maneuvers, such as how to save for retirement, while incurring the minimum amount of tax liability. The system would automatically update its database of tax policy that it uses to make advisements directly from the Internal Revenue Service.

Automated Company News Stock Indicator Analysis System

This invention concept pertains to a system that determines trends in stock volatility based on the automation of retrieval of news related to specific stock ticker symbols. The system could be powered from RSS feeds that are specific to keywords, or the system could automatically search for new news articles in each timeframe. The system would update a database with trends information pertaining to each stock that the system is tracking, based on the news that was obtained from the trend indicator. This system could be used to make stock trades that are highly predictive based on news that is public information issued from the companies that are invested into by their stock ticker symbols.

Automated SEC Filings Standardizer System with Artificial Intelligence

This invention pertains to a system that automatically retrieves SEC filings for companies at the exact time that they are made available publicly, and correlates the SEC filings through a standardized format of a database structure, that allows the system to determine whether or not each of the stocks that are being tracked by the system will be profitable in the coming quarter, and also determine, based on the SEC filing, whether or not the stock will increase or decrease because of the news in the SEC filing. The system would be able to summarize the contents of each SEC filing, which it would obtain each quarter, and these results could then be used by an Artificial Intelligence system to determine what stock trades should be made based on the SEC filings.

Artificial Intelligence Financial Trading System

This invention concept pertains to a stock trading system that uses Artificial Intelligence to know what stock trades to make, and when. The system would be virtually incapable of losing money, something that humans make to logical errors all the time. The system would make trades that only optimize for profits, so that any stocks that are failing indicators or have red flags are not traded by the system. Only winners are being traded by the system, and automatically, because the system senses the market conditions of the economy, and it knows which stocks are going to succeed and which are going to fail. It can calculate this based on simple economics, such as the supply and demand for the industry’s products and services. It can also use trend trading algorithms, such as data pulled from SEC filings, to determine what the stock will do, and only make trades based on the trends that are positively indicated by the SEC filings. Also, the system could monitor other data sources related to the companies’ web presence to determine if they are good stocks to trade, such as online portals, or other data that can be obtained as an investor of the company. This information could be gathered in a manner that is faster than the SEC filings, or provides more information than the SEC filing would.

There are no limitations of how smart computers can become with regards to trading stocks, and since the computers can be much smarter than even the smartest stock broker, you can take out the human element of errors in stock trading by using a system that is completely automated. You could literally build trillions of dollars’ worth of wealth overnight just by making small trades over and repeatedly in high frequencies with Artificial Intelligence telling you what the stocks will do next. It’s the way of the future, to have computers manage your wealth, and not people that take their cut out of your earnings. If you invest into our invention concepts, we’ll manage your wealth for you, from A to Z, with 100% accuracy, 100% profitability, and a 100% success rate all the time – considering the power doesn’t go out, or other natural causes of damages to computers. We would need a secure location to build these systems and design the software, in return for our knowledge of how to develop the software. After all, these are our original ideas on the MCE123 Technology Development website.

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