Technology Development Projects

Search Results Previewer


This invention concept pertains to the previewing of the website URLs that load in search results, such that the user of the software can get a glimpse of the search results without having to click on the links. They can then zoom in to view more, or go directly to the website. The advantage of this, for an example, is that the user can search by the looks of a website rather than just the title of the website.

Web Page Auto-Loader for Internet Search Engines

This invention concept pertains to a system that allows the automatic determination of an intended website, and auto-loads the website instead of an index of websites, if the user uses the auto-load website button. The system works by using a series of vetting decisions, such as checking a database of reputable websites such as government entities and non-profit organizations for listings that match the exact or similar name using the distance algorithm, such that the vetting determines not only whether or not the site exists but also if it is reputable, and the search engine website is then able to automatically load the designated website based on its index top page and its lookup with the vetting process. If the page doesn’t exist, a standard page can be put in its place by the search engine, that simulates what the website should be about, and the company or organization that would be the result would be able to control this auto-generated page result for a fee, instead of launching their own website.

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