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Immersive Environment System to Treat Post Traumatic Stress and Other Conditions

This invention concept pertains to an immersive environment that would gather information from a subject who is suffering from post-traumatic stress, and piece back together the event(s) that are troubling the subject, for developing an intellectual solution that supplements the traumatic event in the subject’s memory with reinforcement techniques.

An example would be a veteran who is suffering from PTSD, and the immersive environment, like virtual reality, would piece together facts that have been gathered from other sources such as surveillance, and gather information from the subject. The system would build a virtual immersive environment, in which the subject can change the outcome, or manipulate the facts, or leave the situation all together as if it never even happened. The visualizations would be as real as their memories, as the system would use brain to computer interfaces and computer to brain interfaces to make it realistic.

Another use of the system could be to treat patients who have suffered as victims of criminal activity, or bullying, or other types of situations in which the patient was victimized. The system could also be used to treat mental illnesses, such as correcting perceptions that are inaccurate, or caused by social interactions, or caused by other types of trauma such as sexual harassment.

Multi-Compartmentalized Virtual Environment Built from Artificial Intelligence

This invention concept pertains to a virtual environment, or rather multiple virtual environments, that can link together multiple sets of data, while also keeping them compartmentalized. A possible use would be to piece together a puzzle, such as a criminal investigation, or a terrorism investigation, or a special investigation, for learning all the information from multiple subjects without sharing any information in-between the multiple subjects. The subjects would all be connected to a virtual environment, which would act like an investigative body, that would drill information out of each of the subjects, and then the compartmentalized information would be correlated to facts that have been gathered in the real world, and they would be pieced back together to determine the actual facts, based on the subjects’ multiple backgrounds, and truth determination by testing the information with neural interfaces that can detect responses in the brain without actually conveying any information to the subject(s) who are stimulated by the information. The system would act like a giant correlation system that determines what happened, who did what, and who was responsible for what violations of the law, without the need for verbal interrogation, enhanced interrogation, or torture.

The purpose of the Artificial Intelligence would be to build the multiple environments, based on case data, or background information obtained about the subjects, that would be able to extract information from the subjects by stimulation of the brain alone.

Methods of gathering the intelligence from the human subjects could include EEG analysis or Artificial Telepathy – or the use of technologies such as microwave hearing effect, or the use of an Optogenetics sequencer, or similar method of reading brain signals.

Kinetic Energy Gloves with Kinetic Energy Emissions System

This invention concept pertains to gloves that allow a human being to interact with a physical environment remotely, as such that their touch and the feeling from the kinetic environment is transferred between the gloves and the remote environment. The system would work through directing energy light waves, including microwaves, in ways that vibrate or move objects in the kinetic environment, because of their being manipulated by the controlled kinetic energy emissions system that is controlled by the gloves. The system would be composed of sensors, including accelerometers and spatial sensors, inside the gloves, and those signals would be translated into what needs to occur because of those signals through a data processing system, that then controls the spatial kinetic energy emissions system.

It may also be noted that similar technologies could also be applied to other body parts, such as the feet. It may also be noted that the control through the gloves would not necessarily be congruent with what occurs in the kinetic energy emissions system, necessarily, because there could be hand gestures or other signaling that controls other aspects of the system, such as intensity, color of light, frequency, and other applicable variables in the closed loop system.

This invention could be used to operate on patients without opening their body for surgery, because the emissions could manipulate the organs internally without needing to expose them to the environment that they are being operated on by.

Another use for this systems technology would be the remote interaction between multiple persons into their respective physical environments, such as online dating, remote viewing, and other types of kinetic impressions that may be combined with visual information such as Artificial Telepathy and/or visual overlay technologies, which are sometimes referred to as augmented reality.

Standards for Holograms and Virtual Reality for Immersive Environments

Holograms should appear and act as real as the actual objects, as if they are present in the holographic projection area, and virtual reality should take into consideration how the person looks without the VR gear that the user uses to interact with the virtual environment. Therefore, in immersive environments, the model of the user should be based on what the user appears to be like as if there was no augmented technology in use, and as if the person was actually there in person – other than the fact that they aren’t, and obviously this makes it difficult for the user to interact physically with the environment, but the ideal environment for immersive technology would be one in which the users can directly interact with their environment, as if they were in the immersive environment, in their own environment – such as multiple copies of the same environment linked together through a high-speed network.

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