Technology Development Projects

Nanotechnology That Activates Based on Chemical Responses of the Human Body

This technology pertains to nanotechnology, or nanites, that activate based on chemical responses of the human body, such as by adrenaline, or hormones, or other types of chemicals that are specific to certain types of activities, for the purpose of performing functions, such as repairing the body, or connecting the mind to an immersive environment, or any other type of combination of paired human activities and technological inventions that pertain to human interaction.

Nanotechnology that Renders Explosives Useless

This technology pertains to nanotechnology robotics that can be exposed to explosives to render them useless. The Nano-bots break down the compounds that make the explosives dangerous, through processes that destroy the molecular bonds in-between the elements. It would take some time for the nanoparticles to spread, and eat the explosives, and the amount of the nanoparticles needed would be based on the number of explosives. The technology would also be able to destroy other compounds and elements as well, however specific nanotechnology would be created per-explosive type.

Nanotechnology That Can Repair Surfaces

There could be a technology that uses nanotechnology, that is activated by a catalyst such as a specific type of light, such as UV light, to repair surfaces such as glass, by filling in scratches on the glass – whether it be gorilla glass or eye glasses, or a window on a car or house.

The nanotechnology could be made specifically to repair specific types of surfaces.

The technology could also be adapted to automatically sand a surface down, by applying the liquid with the nanoparticles that resonate at a certain frequency of light, and then can be removed with a solvent. It would take the hard work out of sanding a surface.

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