Technology Development Projects

Universal Flu Vaccination

There is a lot of potential in creating a flu vaccine that would make us immune to all currently known strains and all potential future strains of the flu. This vaccine would work either by blocking the receptor sites that strains of the flu generally attack or making a generalized flu strain that allows the human body to mutate the strain into any possible strain of the flu, and thus develop a resistance to any of those strains. It could involve some type of bio-engineered disease, or some type of bio-engineered technology.

Medications and Vaccines That Automatically Adapt Based on New Strains of Diseases

This technology pertains to bioengineered medications and vaccines that automatically adapt to new strains of diseases, so that the medications and vaccines can treat and prevent infection from new, altered strains of the diseases in the future, based on using nanotechnology that can adapt the medications to the shapes of the proteins and receptor sites that are affected. This would have the capability of providing super immunization shots, and super medications, that aren’t just powerful in potency – they actually change their molecular structures based on the diseases that are inside the human body and fight those diseases at the time that they enter the human body.

Technology That is Cloned into Human Tissue

This technology pertains to the growing, or cloning, of technology within human tissue, in a way that the circuitry becomes part of the tissue’s nerves, so that the technology can send and receive impulses through the central nervous system through those nerves that it becomes a part of. This would be ideal for any type of bioengineered technology that is for human consumption. The installation of the technology could be at birth, or after birth, for the purpose of embedding microcontrollers into the human neurological system, for the purpose of any type of technology that can utilize the neurological system.

Bioengineering of Artificial Supplementary or Backup Organs for Humans and Animals

This concept is such that it may include the development and 3d printing of organs for humans and animals that do not normally exist within their bodies, such as:

  • A secondary heart, such as a backup heart that keeps circulation going in the event of a primary heart attack.

  • An organ that blocks out pain signals, such as implanted in between the brain and the spinal column in the neck.

  • A secondary brain that processes neurological signals, or pre-processes neurological signals, for a variety of reasons, such as the improvement of the primary brain, i.e. extension of memory capabilities or improvement of cognitive abilities, and/or a backup brain that functions in the instance of a head or spinal injury.

  • A new type of lung that processes more air to blood and removes more Co2 from blood, in a capacity that it can be installed in the existing lungs.

  • Engineering of a new type of lymph node that is resistant to diseases like cancer

  • The development of new types of blood cells that can kill cancer cells, can transfer more resources to cells throughout the body, and are universal which can be used in blood transfusions to any patient such as O- type, but a synthetic type.

  • A secondary liver that can be implanted somewhere in the body to filter out more toxins, creating an increasingly filtered body that functions better, while also allowing certain medications to act normally without removing their functionality – or the ability to maintain their levels with precision.

  • An improvement to the brain-blood barrier, which would prevent brain eating amoebas from entering into the brain, such as improvements to the nasal and ocular cavities.

Detection of Flesh Eating Amoebas in the Environment

There is a need for technology that can detect and map out areas that have the existence of flesh eating amoebas in the wild and the environment. This would include some type of advanced sensor grid that would either be handheld or could be incorporated into satellites for advanced detections of multiple types of micro-organisms on Earth.

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