Technology Development Projects

Holographic Televisions (TVs)

This technology pertains to televisions that display 3-dimensional images of objects and scenes with an immersive environment experience, that allows light to be displayed in a large space such as a living room or a movie theatre. These televisions won’t have screens like today’s flat-panel televisions. They’ll have what is referred to as a “viewing area” or “projection area”. It could be displayed above a desk or table, or it could be the entire room. With multiple projectors, it could even interact with humans that are in the viewing area, because the light is projected to specific x, y, z coordinates in a frame of space. The throughput of these projectors will be measured in the gigapixels. The barrier to entry for the technology, currently, isn’t the capabilities it offers, but the high cost. These technologies already exist in select places. This technology should be available for the cost of today’s televisions within 10 years.

Wireless Interactive Top Face Display System of Table

This invention pertains to a top face of a table that is outfitted with wireless interactivity through its display of content that can be accessed from other devices, or from its onboard computer. It can connect to smart phones that are placed on top of the table’s display face, and allow the user to interact with the mobile device on the display’s surface through a touch screen. It can also display content from the Internet, such as a web browser window, or control applications that are loaded on its computer. It also has the capability to recognize other types of objects, such as business cards that have wireless encoded microchips in them, that can allow the face of the display to act as a telephone or e-mail application to contact whomever the business card describes, without having to input the information into the system. The face of the display can also be programmed to interact with other objects, such as toys, that display holograms above the surface of the table, such as kids’ toys that can navigate around terrain such as airplanes, or toy cars, and the surface can make noises that the toys should make, and allow them to be programmed regarding how they act on the façade. The surface can also recognize who’s drink is on the surface, by identifying each drink, and placing a different colored halo around the drink on the surface – so you never have to drink out of someone else’s drink again.

Movie – Encrypted Special Features or Entire Movie Encrypted


Movie or scenes or special features can be accessed by entering names of characters, inserting digital encryption tokens, or coins, or entering passwords.

Newsy Without Advertisements


There is a demand for a version of the Newsy application for Roku and other streaming providers to not have advertisements. The advertisements are currently taking up a lot of time of the people who watch the news on Newsy, or they just go to another channel. The people should be given the choice of whether they want to pay for a version without advertisements, or watch the advertisements in-between every other story.


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