Technology Development Projects

Global Planning of Operations

This pertains to planning for scenarios of real business activities and the formation of real industries into higher levels of technology. This process does not necessarily revolve around strict-domestic policy due to the International jurisdiction of MCE123, and the occurrences of projects that pertain to operations in foreign nations, such as projects in cooperation with foreign governments, and the overall global planning of operations is for the purpose of planning on how to integrate all of the components that are needed in various industries, while at the same time improving world trade for the United States and other nations through the development of long-term trade relations that seek to improve the world and the accomplishments of mankind, such as the ability to work together towards the development of advanced spacecraft while also working to advance industries and the basic necessities of security and quality of life for all persons worldwide. This process of global planning of operations is expected to yield a creation of a minimum of over 100 million new career positions that did not exist previously. The full potential of the project to create over 100 million new career positions will be determined as the complexity of the projects and industries grows to meet the needs of the space program, and additional inventions and industries develop around the new inventions and profits from the inventions and industries that develop the components for the inventions.

Earth Strengthener

This technology pertains to the use of high-powered laser light to strengthen multiple layers of soil through the fusing of particles at certain depths into a greater density of materials. This helps to strengthen the soil to avoid mudslides, and the technology can also be used to prevent landslides of rocks using a similar type of system with a higher powered laser. The system includes a mapping / charting / planning system that allows the soil layers to be mapped out digitally and the laser is used to strengthen the layers of soil.

Planet Heat Injection / Planet Refrigeration / Planet Freezing System

This technology pertains to the use of heat transfer injection, through the use of caverns of metals and other materials that can hold an enormous amount of heat without the heat escaping from the cavern. One material would be tungsten metal. This technology of refrigerating / freezing the air, water, and/or other portions of the planet such as land, would pertain to the removal of the heat through the use of refrigeration transfer technology that compresses a refrigeration liquid – transferring the heat from the unintended location to an underground facility that then removes the heat from the compressed refrigeration liquid through a process of thermal conversion. The tungsten metal could be melted to store the heat in large quantities, and/or there could be power generation capabilities with this technology through the use of electromagnetic generators that convert the heat from the refrigeration liquid into electricity. There would need to be adequate insulation around the cavern to ensure the heat remains in the cavern.

Super-Magnetism Management System

This system would manage the super-magnetism of the planet, and have the ability to focus super-magnetic energy to re-balance the super-magnetism of the planet. This would also have the capability of retrieving super-magnetic energy through focused uses of the super-magnetism for technology above ground.

Planet Core Management System

This system would manage the layers of the cores within a planet, such as the forces of the cores, and balance the forces to stop plate movements that lead to earthquakes, stop lava-flow activities that lead to volcanoes, and stop other types of movements within the planet that lead to sink holes, island formations, island collapses, and other changes in the planet’s structure. This may include the use of different types of technologies, such as nuclear laser light to fuse portions of the layers of the planet together.

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