Dashcam Traffic Conditions Alert App

  • Dashcam uploads data to an app that is used to identify traffic patterns

    • Road construction

      • Identify in video road construction crews

    • Road conditions

      • Speed of traffic, to identify traffic patterns such as delays because of road construction or accidents, and re-route traffic based on this intelligence being provided to other vehicles.

        • Route traffic to other roads that aren’t as bottlenecked.

    • Emergency Response Vehicles locations

      • Police – this could help drivers avoid speeding tickets if they normally speed, because the dash cam would alert upcoming drivers of the location of the police vehicle, and they could be alerted to slow down. This is essentially a second generation, and more intelligent version, of radar detectors.

      • Fire

      • EMS

    • Other types of trafficking vehicles

    • Integration with 911 system to anticipate auto accident calls, gather information about the accident from the nearby dashcams to determine how serious of an accident it is

    • This technology will become more prevalent when we are using self-driving cars in the future.

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