Technology Development Projects

Quick Jack

This invention concept pertains to a quickly-erectable jack of all purposes, though their size and type would vary based on the purpose of the jack. Like a car jack, the quick jack would be a jack that can be erected quickly, such as in instances where it is necessary to prop up large objects, such as parts of collapsed buildings after an earthquake. Since the buildings would vary in size and height, and the damages could vary, there are a lot of things to consider when designing the quick jack. You’d also have to consider that if you shift the weight from upper floors onto something that is likely to crush someone below, this also presents a problem. However, the concept as it is having been explained in as much detail as is necessary to consider the design, and a suitable purpose has been specified.

Systems to consider would be pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, and chemical – such as the expansion of gasses quickly upon an element’s interaction with water or air or some other chemical.

Sizes and purposes of quick jacks could vary widely based on the purpose, weight of the payload being lifted, intended elevation height, intended elevation slope, and the size of the cross members.

Multiple quick jacks could be used to lift an entire building, or sections of an entire building. There would be a system that would control the elevation and slope of multiple quick jacks for this purpose.

Multi-Spectrum Stealth Analysis System

This technology pertains to the scanning within multiple spectrums of stealth technology to determine the presence of stealth technologies, such as the detection within different light spectrums, materials spectrum analysis, and spatial analysis. This technology is able to determine what types of stealth technology are used, and how the technology is used, in addition to what the technology is being used to cover up / hide. The system is able to determine what is inside the stealth technology, how to disable the stealth technology, and how to manipulate the stealth technology such as the use of certain types of light, radio frequency, and other types of stealth technology manipulation. This system can be used to improve existing stealth technologies through the micro-analysis of the weaknesses of the stealth technologies, and determine how to improve the technologies and combine the multiple types of stealth technology together as one system that is undetected.

Geospatial Satellite Configuration System

This technology pertains to a device that has the capability of detecting and intercepting satellite transmissions for the purpose of calibrating the satellite communications to work with other devices such as airplanes and boats. This system has the capability of detecting the carrier type, transmission speed, frequency, protocol, encryption, and location of each satellite within the geospatial satellite network. This allows the calibration of the geospatial satellite network, and has features such as the ability to adjust the pan, tilt, and transmission direction of geospatial coordinate fields. This technology can also be used to trace the transmission back to the source of the satellite, including the detection of surveillance cameras that are in satellites using infrared and other types of invisible light that is detectable with special equipment.

Psychological, Telepathic, and Geospatial Emission Calibrator

This technology pertains to the use of calibration tools through the visualization of psychological, telepathic, and other types of internal thought mechanisms to the mind, and the feedback response of facial expressions, body movements, speech, and changes in the thought processes in response to different test patterns in the visualization, to determine how to calibrate the system for the correct reading and display of information pertaining to psychological and telepathic information with geospatial emissions technology.

Oscillating Dual-Light Field Scanner


This technology uses two types of light to scan on an oscillation pattern in 3D to get a scan of everything within the area of the scan.


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