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Potential Conflicts with Space Expansions

This information pertains to potential conflicts that could occur during the process of space expansions. This information may be helpful to developing solutions to the problems.

Political Uses of Space Technology

This type of conflict would occur based on political uses of space technology, such as basing problems on politics rather than on scientific processes.

Political Uses of Space Weapons

This type of conflict would occur based on political uses of space weapons, such as uses of space weapons for the purpose of creating space ‘artwork’, causing problems in space based on political references to star charts, and other types of illogical destructive types of activities.

Divisions of Space Fleets

This type of conflict would occur based on multiple space fleets that conflict with each other in space, in addition to potentials of contingencies on planets. This adds another dimension to security procedures that complicates the peace process on planets.

Political Repression from Space Expansions and Achievements

This type of conflict would occur based on space expansion accomplishments and achievements, such as the repression of nations based on lack of involvement in the activities.


This type of conflict would occur based on the blame for disasters that occur due to a lack of security and control over the quality of space expansion operations.

Broken Technologies

This type of conflict would occur based on the blame for broken technologies, including bad engineering and equipment malfunctions. This could include blaming another nation through the intentional deployment of technology on the basis of pre-meditation of using the deployment for political targeting purposes.

Programmable Quadrants of Space

This technology pertains to the creation of quadrants of space that are created through multiple fields of programmable fields, and the use of programmable matter emissions inside the programmable fields to systematically replicate different possibilities of patterns as a brute force attempt on a compartment of physics to unleash a force related to the creation of the universe.

The force is similar to the concept of a wormhole, while the space appears in the wormhole on a 4D axis of time, such that the entire universe can be viewed on a time scale going back in history to the point of origination of the universe. The concept would pertain to the understanding that the code to unlock the force of the 4D dimension would not change over the entire existence of the universe. This concept exceeds the concept of time travel, because the entire universe is invoked to a timeframe prior to the existence, through accessing the force that occurred prior to the creation of the universe.

Tether Robotic Attachment

This technology pertains to the use of tether technology to connect robotic components to space components, and the use of robotics inside the tether to form the shape of the tether, and the use of ion drives and other types of ion jets that can be supplied through particle streams in the tether to cause the robotics to move at very slight calculations. The precision can be based on the precision of the tether connected to the same grid of devices, the same ship, the same platform, for instance that the movement of the tether in relation to the absolute gravity and movement of the same platform is the same, for uses such as repairs to the platform / objects on the platform, while the use of particle jets could be used for precision movements to attach / make repairs to objects in space including satellites, through the use of the precision of the amount and direction of the particle jets.

Corridor Force Fields

This technology pertains to the use of force field technology, such as super-magnetic fields that oppose the physical entry and/or exit, and/or other technologies such as quantum-nuclear particle fields, temporary transparent matter fields, and other technologies that could take the place of corridor force fields such as transparent airlock doors, or airlock doors with optical translucence technology.

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