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Quantum Lasers as Weapons Systems

The advent of the quantum laser will allow more power to be packed in the same amount of space, by packing the photon punches tighter together – not only in how far apart they are on the x and y factors, but also the z factors – in terms of how small the lasers are, and how many photons they can produce.

There is also the capability of using entanglement to take out missiles and other types of enemy targets, by programming the lasers to send a beam of deadly information from Point A to Point B via Catalyst C.

The combination of the two lights at their intersection is what would cause the weapon to be a weapon of mass destruction. It would essentially be able to split atoms with light.














Quantum Matter




This is matter that is comprised of quantum particles, and is either separate from subatomic matter such that the subatomic matter cannot exist in the same space as such, or the quantum matter is within the same space as other matter and can be used to form a mesh in-between the spaces of sub-atomic matter to strengthen the materials, provide insulation, and other variables of both the subatomic matter and the quantum matter.





Light Filters

Quantum materials light filter, nuclear light filters, elemental and compound light filters.

Sub-Quantum Light Filtration

This is the use of multiple quantum-light filters to emit two fields of light that can shrink the light grid in half, provide a light filter that is at a precision that is smaller than the spaces in-between quantum materials, the use of one light filter to cancel part of another light filter out, and the creation of light fields and light filters that are approaching the precision of a photon-by-photon level of detail. This could pertain to the use of multiple types of nuclear-light filters that cancel nearly all of the light through the close alignment of the components of the different sub-atomic structures.

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