Technology Development Projects

Political Polling Data Collection with Artificial Intelligence

This invention concept pertains to a system that uses artificial intelligence to gather polling data for use in political campaigns, such as surveying lots of different websites, including social media, to determine what the consensus or issues are that are distressing people, and determine ways to solve the issues. This could automate the process of responding to political issues in political campaigns, and could also be used by Federal Government agencies such as the White House.

The system would be able to learn, based on trends that are detected through public searches of websites that are on the Internet, what people want to hear from their elected leaders or chosen candidates. It could even be used by new candidates, to determine what issues they will take a stand on. The system could help candidates develop political platforms in which they can launch their campaigns and media coverage on, to gain the support of their constituency.

System that Takes Advantage of Society to Exploit Press, Government, Public, and other Organizations

This is a concept for a system that integrates with surveillance systems, which makes it possible for an individual to advance his or her personal agenda in society, such as exploiting the Press, taking control of elements of the Government, controlling the Public’s opinions and feedback, and controlling activities in other organizations such as Private companies, Public companies, non-profits (501c3 and 501c4 alike), NGOs, and other types of organizations as well.

First, it starts by developing internal Classified intelligence that suggests there is a personal relationship, and this only works if there is a personal relationship – but the personal relationship isn’t fully materialized and is still in the planning stages, such as the two individuals are planning to get married.

The system monitors for loopholes in society and organizations, such as any references to specific information that correlates to the existence of a personal relationship.

Next, the system extorts the individuals that have made it known to the system that the personal relationship exists. The system intends to take control of the individuals, through pointing out that it was illegal to discuss the matters of the personal relationship, however instead of investigating into the misstep by the employee(s), the matter is handled in which the employee(s) are controlled by the system, which allows the advancement of the personal relationship through activities from the specific individuals.

This is especially necessary when it may not be entirely smart to talk about the personal relationship, after another employee has sexually harassed the person that the said personal relationship applies to. The reason is that the person who committed the unwanted sexual harassment could try to retaliate in such a case, against the person whom the person who was sexually harassed is seeing, or intends to see.

The system can also take advantage of loopholes in society and the Government, by offering to patch those loopholes, to make the Government and/or society stronger, while also introducing the personal relationship into society and/or the Government – because ultimately the loopholes existed because of the personal relationship.

The same types of activities can lead to taking control of Private or Public companies, non-profit organizations, and/or other organizations that also exhibit some form of extortion of exploitation of the personal relationship between the two individuals.

The individuals of the relationship could also offer to do volunteer work, to supplement their career in which they make money, if they are making enough to support themselves and/or if the volunteer work is super critical of the existence of the personal relationship.

This system could use Artificial Telepathy technologies, or other types of telepathic technologies, or other types of surveillance activities to collect data about the personal relationship existing before it has been announced.

The system could also use a personal recording device, or devices, such as the types of cameras that Police officers wear, to record the information / intelligence suggesting there is a personal relationship from the third party, for having evidence to bring it up as a case if need be.

Other types of surveillance systems which could be used to build a sequence of intelligence, or information, about the personal relationship, could be CCTV camera systems linked to the Intelligence Community, and/or other observations by officials.

The system could, for instance, use at least two agents that represent the Government, to follow around the target of the political / legal maneuvering activities to exploit or extort the personal relationship, such as for the purpose of extorting national security, and those agents could collect information pertaining to the intelligence or information that presents its self in the proximity of the person who is being targeted for the personal relationship.

Global Linguistic Security Multi-Layered Decontamination System

This system is required to ensure that targeted linguistics are not damaging towards untargeted linguistic areas, such that the linguistics of war are systematically removed from the parts of society that are not part of the war linguistics. This system creates an internal-internal conflict for the enemy forces, such that their propaganda works against their psychology because the propaganda is unable to penetrate through the linguistics security, while at the same time their enemy forces are targeted with a consistent focused linguistic threat.

Political Party Unification Target Linguistic Computation System

This system works through the ability of unification of political parties to create target linguistics based on computations of the war plan of the acting President of the United States. An example would be the integration and alignment of Democrats and Republicans on a war agenda issue, through uses of differentiated politics that fit within their party agenda calculated based on the computer system, and information about current war intelligence, such that the computation system produces linguistic data for the different parties that reduces the amount of internal conflicts from partisan politics on a national security issue, while utilizing the unification powers to target enemy forces in accordance with the war plan of the acting President of the United States.

The system is capable of calculating how to utilize various layers of conflicts, such as internal-internal, internal-external, and the linguistic targeting of external conflicts that are in the battlefield, such that the computations of the linguistics and the political targeting from within the nation focuses as a political weapon against the enemy forces, to provide support for the troops, and weaken enemy forces through the use of multiple levels of psy-ops that target the enemy forces to focus the echoes on to the destruction of the enemy forces.

Political Sociological-Exploitation Computation System

This technology pertains to the exploitation of sociological patterns and characteristics identified by other types of national security linguistic and sociological computation systems that provide information about the feedback through telecommunications and other types of data from signals intelligence, and information on how to exploit all of the various types of sociological activities are created through the combination of the information into one writing, speech, and/or other types of media such as visual effects, multi-media, audio, computer animations, and other types of information. This allows the presence and presentation of information that pertains to sociological-exploitation, such as for uses by the President – through the broadcast of the information for speech suggestions to an earpiece in the President’s ear with speech recommendations, and/or display of the information on a speech display. This technology may be combined with special filtered geospatial imagery that displays the sociological patterns in a large crowd, and then make recommendations on how to align all of the persons in the crowd based on organizations of the background specialties and attributes to that of the national and international issues, such that all of the national and international problems are solved through the speech, while at the same time the local crowd is inspired to work for the President, such as applying for work with the Government, enlisting in the military, and other types of work in support of the President. This system would be capable of achieving a 100% success rate, such that the influence of the crowd due to the depth of the influence of the speech, and the depth of the success of the speech, results in the full support of every person in the crowd.

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