Automatic Underwater Breathing Apparatus

This invention pertains to a contained system that filters air, or oxygen, from the water in the ocean, using a system that compresses the water to extract the air from it. It would lower the pressure of the water in an airtight chamber, and remove the oxygen using a type of vacuum filtration system. It would require a lot of water to be filtered through the system, to get enough oxygen for someone to breath on, however the system could be combined with an oxygen storage system, to gather a large amount of oxygen for underwater research facilities and underwater vessels, or it could be used with oxygen tanks, to provide about 50% of the oxygen needed from the water, and the other 50% from the oxygen tanks. This would be necessary because of the amount of oxygen needed by the diver. It would basically act as a set of digital gills, or artificial gills, that would be like what fish have, that allows them to breath underwater without going up to the surface for air.

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