Technology Development Projects

Automatic Underwater Breathing Apparatus

This invention pertains to a contained system that filters air, or oxygen, from the water in the ocean, using a system that compresses the water to extract the air from it. It would lower the pressure of the water in an airtight chamber, and remove the oxygen using a type of vacuum filtration system. It would require a lot of water to be filtered through the system, to get enough oxygen for someone to breath on, however the system could be combined with an oxygen storage system, to gather a large amount of oxygen for underwater research facilities and underwater vessels, or it could be used with oxygen tanks, to provide about 50% of the oxygen needed from the water, and the other 50% from the oxygen tanks. This would be necessary because of the amount of oxygen needed by the diver. It would basically act as a set of digital gills, or artificial gills, that would be like what fish have, that allows them to breath underwater without going up to the surface for air.

Detecting Electric / Diesel Submarines Using Algorithm Sound Search Systems

This technology is basically detecting the algorithm of the noises that are made by the new Russian and Chinese submarines, such as electric generators, diesel engines, and sounds of crew moving throughout the submarine and operating equipment on the sub. The algorithm sound search systems will basically store patterns of sounds previously detected, and constantly search the proximity for sounds that match them, to detect and track Russian submarines.

This software can also be used with the underwater microphone systems that exist in NATO and around the world, controlled by the U.S. military.

Additionally, automatic pinging devices could be installed to automatically detect based on ping response if a new quiet sub passes over certain points or lines on the map. Basically these could be deployed as stationary devices and/or drones that detect and track the submarines. This will protect the U.S. and NATO subs from engagement. Additionally, the drones and stationary devices could use a type of shielding that doesn’t respond to the ping, and especially with underwater drones, this could keep the advantage of detection on the U.S. side because the underwater drones would not be seen by Russian / Chinese submarines.

Mining Industry Cargo Ship and Docking System

This technology pertains to a cargo ship that has large bins for delivering large quantities of mined materials, such that the large bins can be loaded and unloaded from the cargo ship without the cargo ship touching the materials, and the large bins can be put into a ground-based distribution loading system that fills train cars, semi-trucks, dump trucks, and other forms of moving the mined materials such as underground conveyors. The system minimizes the amount of time that the cargo ship is docked, such that the amount of time that is used to remove the bins and load other mined materials or other cargo is minimized because the bins are removed from the ship, and new bins can be loaded on the ship immediately after the arriving bins are removed. The dock equipment uses the all-at-once type of loading / unloading technology, while the payloads of the loading and unloading are for mined materials and the configuration is a little different for the crane operations and the dock configurations.

Carrier Ship Fleet Management System

This technology pertains to a system that can control an entire fleet of carrier ships, including aircraft carriers, super aircraft carrier ships, submarine carrier ships, interceptor carrier ships, and other types of carrier ships. The system is able to determine the optimal positioning of all carrier ships for both short-term tactical goals and long-term strategic balance. This includes the ability to counter-act all foreign options, and abilities to stealth the operations and movements of the carrier ships to protect the entire fleet from embarrassments of bad press and other political types of threats attempting to penetrate the public eye into the defensive command of protective forces.

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