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Artificial Intelligence Imprinting

This technology pertains to imprinting a brain image into a digital file that can then be used to overwrite a human’s directives using Artificial Intelligence Overwrite technology. The system works by reading all of the memory of the human host, and removing all of the personal information, and then packaging the information into memory forms that link up with the way that the destination’s mind is structured.

Another form of this technology uses brainwave mapping while the training for a specified occupation is being experienced by the host, and the image is then built off of the brainwaves that interact with the activities that are occurring through the training.

Notes and Concepts Regarding Mind Control, Theories

This document pertains to varying information related to theories and proof suggesting that mind control technology exists, and has been used on the American Public, by organizations such as the CIA.


Mind Control is a Hoax


How is it impossible to design something that is theoretically possible? Who would plan it to be a hoax? Why wouldn’t the real thing be designed, and used instead? How much more effort would it take to implement a working version of mind control, than it would be to study the effects of uses of mind control technologies?


Mind Control is a Conspiracy


To which I would respond, why then is there so much information available about the topic. It was not like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, where there was no information about them publicly before they were used in combat.


Multiple Types / Frequencies / Uses of Mind Control Can Occur or Have Occurred


This pertains to the theory that multiple types of mind control have been used, at different frequencies of use, such that the different types were not all necessarily used in any specific order, and that they may be used again in different orders and frequencies, and that mind control can occur while at a similar timeframe it does not occur.


An example would be initiation of mind control methods, followed by a strategic implementation of mind control, followed by a tactical action of mind control – such as the snapping point, where a subject is forced to commit a crime or commit some other act that sets them apart from the norm, and then a release of mind control, and possibly even erasing their memory, or subjecting their memory to an alteration, which makes it difficult for them to recall what happened.


This type of a use would make it appear that the subject was a criminal, or they were negatively affected by a mental condition, while it may actually require a significant amount of time before the subject can remember what happened to them, and as such they document what happened to them, and as such appeal a judgement or other court finding, such that they were under mind control at the time that they experienced the alteration which changed the direction of their life.


Talking About Mind Control Makes It Appear That They Are Delusional


It ruins their credibility to talk about the instances of mind control, because it makes it appear as though they are delusional, or are trying to cover up their misfortunes by blaming other people, or have other psychological defects.


The Mind Control Told Them Not to Talk About It Because It’s “Top Secret”


Such as through the promise of an association with the Intelligence Community, the technology told them, or the voices told them, that it was “Top Secret”, such that they had basic knowledge about the forms of secrecy in the Intelligence Community, and the discussions about the technology(s) would damage the credibility of the Intelligence Community. So the subject doesn’t talk about the uses of mind control on them, even if it has negatively affected them, because they believe they are protecting national security by not talking about it.


The Mind Control Pertains to Targeting from U.S. Secret Service


This concept pertains to the concept that the targeting of mind control occurred originating from the U.S. Secret Service, such as to protect the President of the United States from political, legal, economic, or otherwise damaging tactics or intelligence from the individual(s) targeted, or it is protecting national security originating from the President of the United States and/or other U.S. Secret Service protectees, such that a failure of the systems to function properly could damage the credibility of the protectees.


Mind Control was Conducted Either on Behalf Of, or to Appear on Behalf of, a Foreign Entity


This is the concept of a cover-up, such that the Intelligence Community investigates foreign powers, such as Russia and/or China for conducting the activities of mind control, using systems that they have in space, to conduct the mind control, in order to sway an asset into their political realm of control, before they enter employment into the U.S. Intelligence Community, or such that it appears that they are unemployable by the U.S. Intelligence Community as a result of their being damaged goods, or being negatively affected by a foreign government, while the actual reaction of the U.S. Intelligence Community is to investigate the uses of the technology for such purposes, and potentially blame foreign power(s) for the acts against their own citizens, in order to protect their own credibility from the internal use(s) of such technology(s).


The Subject is Just Studying the Uses of the Technology


This pertains to the concept that the subject is simply studying the uses of the technology(s) of mind control, through their activities of studying the possible effects, such that they could have invented the technology(s) to study their uses, such that their intelligence originates from their own use(s) of the technology(s) on themselves, such that they are a high-value asset of the U.S. Intelligence Community.


The Subject has a Grudge Towards U.S. Intelligence Community and/or USSS Protectee(s)


This doesn’t seem to apply to this case, however it may be possible that there could be other case(s) in which the subject has a grudge towards the U.S. Intelligence Community and/or U.S. Secret Service protectee(s), and is attempting to damage their reputation, as such by exposing potential uses of mind altering technologies. 


The Subject is Litigating the Technology’s Use


Through internal knowledge about how the technology works, the subject is litigating the uses of the technology, such that they don’t want other people to experience what they have experienced, or they wish to stop the development of the technology(s), or they wish to control the use(s) of the technology(s), or they wish to prevent the use(s) of the technology(s) as such to their own personal experience(s).


The Subject is Securitizing AT Systems and/or Other Technologies


This theory pertains to the subject securitizing the technologies that he has developed, such as Artificial Telepathy systems, such that he wishes to protect the IP through the creation of intelligence that protects the inventions, such that without the information pertaining to Mind Control, it is impossible for subject(s) to litigate the technology(s) and/or take control of the technology(s) and/or take ownership of the technology(s), thus extending the life of the Patent(s) on the technology(s) from the inventor of the technology(s), such that it applied to their personal litigation of use(s) of the technology(s), or their creation of the technology(s) within their mind, which caused their hardship, through the invocation of mind control, allegedly by the U.S. Intelligence Community and/or the U.S. Secret Service and/or the Foreign Government’s Intelligence Service


There are Multiple Originations of Mind Control Technology(s), from Multiple Nations


This theory applies to the possibility that multiple nations have contributed to the creation of mind control technology(s), and they are essentially both fighting for control over the subject, such that the mind control technology(s) are being operated separately, with separate but similar technologies, by each of the governments, in order to assimilate the subject through the uses of the technology(s), through the embedding of intelligence from each side, to such that the subject becomes a double agent, such that each side is irremovable from the subject, as a result of the implanting of intelligence from both sides, such that the sides can either agree or oppose each other in public, and the subject is still loyal to both sides because of the implanting of intelligence from both sides.


The Victim of the Mind Control is the Inventor of Mind Control Technologies


This is the theory that subject(s) who believe they have been affected by mind control, and have also committed a crime, are subjected to essentially mental torture as a result of their talking about the Mind Control technology(s), such that their government, or law enforcement, forces them to invent information about the Mind Control technology(s) in their jail cell(s), such that they are forced to work on behalf of the U.S. Intelligence Community in order to form their appeal to the charges against them, such that they must explain how the Mind Control system(s) work, who they are operated by, why they were used, what they were used for, how they may be used on other person(s) or animal(s), and any other pertinent information pertaining to their case regarding the mind control technology(s).


Self-Alleged Victim of Mind Control Technology is Treated Like Any Other Victim


This is the theory that the system treats the victim of mind control technology(s) like any other victim, such that they are reminded about how they were attacked, to gather additional information about the mind control technology(s) to use to verify whether they exist or not, in the past, in the present, and in the future. This would pertain to learning more about the mind control technology(s), as such that they are used possibly to invent new technologies based on what the victim(s) of the specific type(s) or description(s) of the technologies are defined as, per the victim(s) of such technology(s).


The Victim of Mind Control Technology May Program Other Person(s) With Said Technology(s)


This theory pertains to the possibility(s) that the victim of such mind control technology(s) as they describe, may invent such technology(s) and use them on the people that they say caused their detriment, through the facts of the case, as such that they may program their world, in the real world, using such technology(s), in return for their not talking about the technology(s) to the public, as such that the perpetrators don’t talk about the technology(s) – either because they have no knowledge of the technology(s), or the facts that they are being controlled, or that they are investigating the subject who has invented the technology(s) as such that their responses are attempting to gather additional intelligence about the invention(s), or investigate the case(s) of the technology(s) as described by the subject who was at minimum, allegedly controlled by mind control technology(s).


Other Persons Describe(d) the Subject(s) Activity(s) as Erratic or Systematic, or “Intense” with Thought, Such That Mind Control May Not Be Ruled Out as a Factor of Control


This theory pertains to the fact that other subject(s) describe(d) the subject(s) as having erratic behavior, or abnormal sleeping habits, or abnormal thoughts, or failure to follow direction(s) after the subject(s) believed they were being controlled by Mind Control, and such that all biological effects on the individual(s) have been ruled out, such as diseases, or chemical changes in their medication(s) dosing or frequency, such that the activity(s) actually suggest there was mind control, through the presence of erratic behavior, such that the subject(s) also didn’t complain about the activity(s) that they were exhibiting – such as erratic strides, failing classes, having weird feelings, hearing things, and/or other symptoms which would suggest that there is a mental health disorder, while at the same time the subject has exhibited control over their thoughts in other periods of time, such that the subject is not inconsistent in as much respect as they are consistent about other factors of their life, such that the presence of mind control may be exhibiting its self through specific activities or behaviors of the individual, which are unexplained through normal mental health diagnosis, or such that the behaviors are unexplained, and there is the presence of technology development, such as on the level of mind control, telepathy, or other mind-altering or mind-communicating technology(s).


Subject(s) State(s) that Intelligence Regarding Mind Control was or is Being Fabricated by the Intelligence Community


This theory pertains to the existence of individual(s) who state that the Intelligence Community has planted intelligence regarding mind control on their systems, or in their minds, because of Artificial Telepathy, or similar technology(s).


Subject Must Describe in Detail What Systems Are, So They Can Be Invented Due to Invented Dependence on the Systems


This pertains to the Intelligence Community telling the subject they must describe the Mind Control systems in detail, because the subject has described that they have invented their dependence on the systems, because of the systems allegedly being used on them.


There may be other theories about Mind Control technologies, as they apply to the CIA and MCE123 Technology Development, while we cannot think of all of the theories and cases pertaining to mind control at this time, because we are not “actively” connected to the systems, which supports the theory of different timing of Mind Control technology(s), such that not all of the thoughts pertaining to any one system can be retrieved at one time, however it may pertain to the development of intelligence regarding the system(s), or explaining how the system(s) have been used in the past, due to the timing of the intelligence with other factors that brought out the intelligence through the reference to memory ability of the MCE123 Company Founder.


In this case, information may be created before it is documented, which was the reason the mind reading technology was created – so that Patrick R. McElhiney could Patent information about inventions as he had the knowledge about the inventions, not waiting for him to have to regurgitate the intelligence into a Word document, or otherwise document the intelligence, at a later time.


Mind Control Methods

There are indications that there could be multiple methods of mind control, such that:

Mind Control through Muscle Control Only

This type of mind control pertains to a system, such as Optogenetics, taking control of the muscles in the body, or such as through technologies such as cybernetics, to the extent that muscle control is limited or controlled by electronic devices connected to wireless networks or satellites that control the human they are implemented in.

Mind Control through Muscle Control and Verbal Awareness

This type of mind control pertains to a system that controls muscle movement, or limits muscle movement, while also having verbal awareness, which could be a law enforcement agent talking to them while their muscles are controlled or limited.

Mind Control through Muscle Control and Non-Awareness (Blackout) or Complete Control

This type of mind control pertains to complete mind control, such that the human has no awareness of the acts or thoughts that they are having, such that they are compartmentalized beyond their control, such that they could be moved through control of their muscles, and their thoughts could also be controlled, such as through Telepathy Satellite Technology or other methods such as Optogenetics.

Mind Control through Motivation through Verbal Awareness (or Artificial Telepathy)

This type of mind control is passive, such that the subject is connected to an intelligence system that monitors their activities, and responds to them through telepathic speech, such as through Artificial Telepathy systems, which tells the human when they are doing something wrong, or when they are doing something right – and can control them passively through the alteration or addition to their thoughts of verbal speech channels in which they learn to trust, such as representing the speech channels as multiple government agencies that all work together to create a fully functioning agent to their control specifications, in most cases.

Mind Control Initiation Systems / Methods


The initial implementation of mind control could work using systems, such that the systems or persons using the systems respond specifically to what the subject of the mind control experiment or implementation is doing at that time, or it could implement intelligence methods that override what that subject is doing at that time.


Implementation through Situational Awareness


This pertains to the implementation of mind control through situational awareness, such as agents talking into the person’s mind with telepathic satellite technology, telling them things that apply to situational awareness, such as:


All Their Thoughts are Being Monitored


The systems technology makes the subject have thoughts, or they are spoken to with artificial telepathy, telling them that their thoughts are being listened to, or that a system is gathering them.


This can happen through the systems technology specifically implying that government agencies are recording their thoughts, and can occur also with systematic awareness to improve the effectiveness of this method.


This method may actually change the thought structures and the ways that the subject thinks, permanently.


Their Bodies Are Making Specific Sounds


They are made aware of sounds that their bodies are making, and may be used in combination with systems technologies that specifically make the sounds of their body synchronize with their thoughts, or synchronize with specific timing, or make it appear to the subject’s body that the processes are systematic in nature, such that the timing or the nature of the sounds the body is making synchronize to a schedule, or an implication of systems technology being used.


This method can literally drive the subject insane, and require them to be hospitalized for other mental health conditions, as they may swear that systems are controlling their bodily activities and/or sounds, such as the buildup of gas, farting, stomach sounds, and other types of bodily sounds, such as through microwave hearing effect and the Doppler effect, such as implementing the sounds into the tissues of the body, such that they reverberate throughout the body as if they originated from the specific organ.


Things That People Have Said, or Intended to Say


This is a mind-altering method, that seeks to implement knowledge into the subject’s mind, such that they are made to think that people they have been in communication with have made specific communications with them, or they have intended to make such communications, or they will make such communications – or the suggestion of reading into the future.


This can make the subject develop legal cases or policies that apply to the law, such as limiting the use of telepathic technologies, or making allegations against the government, or suggesting that there have been national security threats that there is no evidence of. This all occurs because of what the people are saying, through the telepathy technology.


Implementation through Systems Awareness


This pertains to the implementation of mind control through awareness of systems technologies that may or may not be directly connected to the person’s mind, such that the systems may simply be artificial, or attempt to make the subject under duress of systems integration, such that they think that the systems are controlling their thoughts, so they either rebel or take orders from the system, either of which can prove to be a detriment. Some methods of this are as follows:


People are Talking to Them Through Telepathy Technologies


This method makes it appears specific people that they either know or don’t know, either identifiable by their name, initials, organization, or other identifying factors, are trying to or are really talking to them telepathically, for establishing a systems awareness. This is primarily where the systems awareness, that leads to the invention of the technology, originates from.


Systematic Sounds, Automation, Warning Messages, Alarms, Etc.


This applies to using systematic processes, such as a beep every so many seconds, indicating as if there is a recording device that is listening to their thoughts, or the presence of automation techniques such as systematic questionnaires or systems that question specific things while implying they apply to counter-intelligence or criminal investigations, or warning messages such that it suggests that a system is recording what they are doing and if they break the law, something will happen to them, or systematic alarms that go off because of specific thought patterns or methods of mind control being used to control what types of thought a subject has.


The whole purpose of the systematic responses is to control the thought processes, indirectly, such that it can still be claimed that the subject had the thoughts, but that the systematic processes failed to stop the thoughts from occurring, as they occurred because of the subject originating the thoughts.


There is also something to be said in regards to this, that it may provoke patterns of threatening thoughts, or threats towards the government, because of the systems technology. 

Systematic Investigations through Systems Technologies


This type of systematic use, through systematic awareness, uses investigations, such as asking questions, such as through criminal investigations or counter-intelligence investigations, such that it makes the subject thing about specific things that it is investigating, such that the thoughts of the subject are essentially limited to the nature of the investigation which is systematic in nature.


This technology, or systematic processes, can be used to implement missions into agents, even if they do not have an established relationship with the sponsoring agency. The problem with this is that it can lead to criminal activities, or at minimum unexplained activities, as the subject may be confused about the nature of the investigations, which can be used in combination with visual or audible distortions, which essentially make things seem to appear and sound like the nature of what they are being asked, which can lead them on wild goose chases to find the information about the selective nature of the investigations.


Loops of Systematic Responses, or Systematic Games to “Level Up”


These are essentially like video games of the mind, in the sense that they may be investigatory, or force the mind to think a specific way, through systematic responses, that reward the subject with “Level Up” or “One Up” types of responses, or responsive investigatory games that allow the subject to do basically anything they want, and then if the thoughts apply to the investigation, or solving the puzzle, the noises go away, or they stop investigating and reward the subject with solving the puzzle.


This type of systematic responses may mislead an investigation to gather intelligence that isn’t unique, or isn’t factual, however it allows the investigation to gather intelligence about the subject, which allows them to be “caught” for having the thoughts, or ‘rewards’ them for having good thoughts that solve the problem, or the puzzle.


Mind Control – Muscle Movement Control System

This system would pertain to controlling how muscles move, in systematic functions, to perform specific tasks, such as rehabilitating people who have specific medical conditions.

It could also be used to prevent criminal activities, by taking over a potential criminal’s body before they commit the crime, and stopping them from performing the muscle movements that are consistent with performing that crime.

Of course, in this instance, there would need to be a system which has Deep Learning Methods to determine what activities constitute criminal activities, as there could potentially be a wide variety of methods of moving muscles that would constitute criminal activity.

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