Technology Development Projects

Mining Water Filtration System

This system pertains to the filtration of water that is used to cool mining equipment, and the sorting of the particulate matter, such as the gathering of gold dust and other valuable dust that is gathered in the mining water. This system ensures that the maximum amount of water is captured and recycled for re-use in the system. The mining water filtration system also cools the water through a process of compressing the heat, and the conversion of the heat into a re-usable energy supply for running the mining equipment.

Mining Industry Resource Valuation System

This system pertains to the valuation and projected valuation of resources from the mining industry. This system is able to determine what the value of the resources will be, determine potential competition and how to out-mine the competition to increase production and profits with increased operational scale, determine how to create demand for mining resources in various industries, and determine where the industries will develop that will need the specific types and categories of mining resources based on the industry / technology / manufacturing types.

Mining Logistics Planning System

This system plans all of the logistics of the mining operations, including the mining, the creation of additional mines, the calculation of the demands and projected demands, the determination of transportation types and routes, and the timing of the transportation routes, including the rates of resource delivery, and what resources and equipment will be needed.

Security Fencing System

This security fencing system is movable, and is capable of protecting mining sites and equipment at a military level. There are multiple levels of fencing that uses thick beams that would be capable of withstanding the force of impact of large military equipment, construction vehicles, and other potential hazards in remote and industrialized areas. This is especially important due to the high-output capabilities of the mining systems, and the precaution of protecting the mining site and equipment from potentials of terrorism, such that the output capabilities are a major supply of world trade commodities.

Movable Train Tracks System

This is a system of train tracks that are movable, through the use of large platforms that link together and have interlinking / delinking technology that allows individual portions of the tracks to be moved, elevated, de-elevated, and this is used for connecting main train track feeds in the general area of the mining site to a mining site programmable / movable train track system that allows the tracks to be moved to the location(s) of the mining without having to physically install new train tracks when the mining site changes. These movable train tracks can also be taken to new mining locations when all of the resources of one mining location have been depleted, so there is improvement in the business to rapidly deploy mining operations in the future at other mining locations.

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