Website User Tracking and Improvement Recommendation System

This invention concept pertains to the use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze website access logs and data gathered from JavaScript code that analyzes how users on a website move their mouse around the website, and what they click on, and when they click on it – to determine improvements that can be recommended for the website. This system would be able to detect sections of a website that are turning away users, by tracking the dropped connections in correlation with where the mouse cursor is on certain parts of the website, or at least where the scroll bar is, to determine what parts of the website are turning users away from purchasing products and services from a company. The logic behind the system is fairly simple – just look for anomalies that keep happening on the website, and it could also determine what is working on the website, so that users are provided information that they want to see and read about, rather than information that they don’t want to see.

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