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Website User Tracking and Improvement Recommendation System

This invention concept pertains to the use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze website access logs and data gathered from JavaScript code that analyzes how users on a website move their mouse around the website, and what they click on, and when they click on it – to determine improvements that can be recommended for the website. This system would be able to detect sections of a website that are turning away users, by tracking the dropped connections in correlation with where the mouse cursor is on certain parts of the website, or at least where the scroll bar is, to determine what parts of the website are turning users away from purchasing products and services from a company. The logic behind the system is fairly simple – just look for anomalies that keep happening on the website, and it could also determine what is working on the website, so that users are provided information that they want to see and read about, rather than information that they don’t want to see.

Celebrity Artificial Intelligence-Based Reputation Management System

This invention concept pertains to a system that encompasses all matters of reputation management into an instance, or multiple instances in clustered form, that allow the reputation of a celebrity to be controlled and protected, by timely release of information pertaining to the celebrity, as such that the Media and the public would have access to the information that would squelch rumors and destroy fake news, and even make automatic corrections when the celebrity makes false statements or otherwise purveys them self with any public statements. The system would also can destroy news that originates from unauthorized surveillance or paparazzi, or information that is in any way leaked by anyone close to the subject.

The system would work by monitoring the Internet and all other forms of communication for specific terms that relate to the celebrity, and then issue actions through Artificial Intelligence, which bases corrections based on what is lawful, and what is normal for the celebrity to conduct as their public appearance. There could be a complex system of political protectionism within the AI system, that allows the celebrity to spin news cycles by responding to current events with intelligent responses, and by involving themselves through suggestions from the AI system in any type of political activity that is deemed safe and productive towards the celebrity’s public image.

The system could automate the submission of retractions and DMCA take-down requests for persons violating brands associated with the celebrity, or otherwise violating their copyrighted protected speech and freedom of Press. The system could automatically dispatch lawyers, based on text message instructions from the AI system. The system could be controlled by a main control panel, where contacts and information are stored and correlated with what is occurring in the real world. Reputation management could include responding to text messages, phone calls, online chat rooms, and social media, among other communication tools.

The system could essentially make recommendations for the celebrity of what they should do to respond to situations to gain the maximum amount of attention, or how to protect themselves from the Media’s prying eyes. The system could be configured to protect family members, and friends that are close to the celebrity. The system could be controlled by a company that sponsors the celebrity, or otherwise by the celebrity’s staff themselves. It would also be possible for the celebrity to purchase the service through a public company, and have that company manage their reputation through the AI system.

Already Known Customer Marketing Impression Saver

This invention pertains to computer code that would apply to Internet ads, that would allow an advertiser to check and see if you have a cookie for the customer’s website, to determine if you are a customer or not. If you are an existing customer of the website, the advertisement system would be able to not advertise to you, saving impressions for new potential customers, rather than flooding customers that have already made purchases from that company. The technology could be as specific as looking up the customer, based on the cookie, from the advertiser, using the advertisement website’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, to determine if the customer is still looking to buy something from the advertisement’s website, or if the customer has already purchased what they were looking at before. The prevents the advertisements from flooding customers that have already made their purchase. There is even the possibility that flooding an existing customer with too many advertisements could lose the account all together, so this technology is a must for large companies.

Artificial Intelligence News Crawling System for Websites

This invention concept pertains to a system that brings in content from public subscriptions, such as RSS streams, but by using a web scraping program with an Artificial Intelligence model to create the ultimate news website with very little overhead. The system would be able to surf the internet of a collection of public-facing websites, and automatically generate news stories, that are then sent up the chain of command for approval or editing. This allows the news to be reported faster than other websites, because it takes the human element out of the guesswork of what to cover as news, or waiting on a Press release.

Problems with this technology include the ability for news providers to block the search engines that search for the news, and the ability for the systems to gather fake news and spread that information as apparent real news, damaging the reputation of the news organization.

This news engine could be used with a political organization, or a regional website structure, that would bring in national as well as regional news into a political website that serves a small community such as the size of a city or town, and then the site could be duplicated by form of subdomains based on different regions, and have different main sites based on political affiliation. The advantage of having this system would be to gather intelligence for a political campaign, such as a Presidential campaign, by using the news website to gather statistics based on what the constituents want to hear based on issues that are important to them.

Print to Website

There should be a technology that combines a printer driver with publishing to a website, such as through a PDF, HTML, or other type of document that interfaces with a Content Management System for instance and uploads the information directly to the website when it is printed. This could be a system that basically sends an e-mail or some other type of communication to the web server when a document is printed, and then it is automatically displayed, or put in a queue to select to publish to the website after it has been printed.

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