Cloud Storage Intellectual Property Licensing System

This invention concept pertains to a requirement that would be imposed on cloud storage providers to require them to verify ownership of intellectual property that is contained on their storage systems for ensuring that there is no IP theft occurring, such as people sharing music and movies via OneDrive or Google Drive. The system would require that you provide a license for all media that you have on the cloud storage system, and the artists and owners of that media would then be able to verify that you own that intellectual property usage right – or otherwise the artist or owner of the IP could levy fines or have the content automatically deleted from the cloud storage system. There would be a need for a centralized system that would verify the ownership of IP rights, and people who have purchased Music CDs, or Movies, or software, or other types of IP could register for their right to keep such IP on their cloud storage, however the storage media would also limit how that content can be shared throughout the system. It would, for an example, charge anyone that downloads IP from your cloud storage as a license is necessary to use that IP.


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