Improvement to Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Software, and Microsoft Outlook

This option could also apply to the OneDrive Cloud center, where you can view all of your files online. Perhaps something has been uploaded, and you want to specify that a certain file or folder that is queued for download on one of your computers should be prioritized over all others. Not to mention it would be great if you could see what the synchronization is doing on various computers that are connected to the same OneDrive account online. It’s kind of like the look at the files on the computer, but more streamlined into you being able to control synchronization – especially with the ability to prioritize certain files or folders over others.

There should also be a way to synchronize only changes to certain files, such as Microsoft Outlook Data Files. What we’ve noticed is that they take a long time to synchronize between the computers, and there’s really no work-around unless you chose to not synchronize those specific Microsoft Outlook files on other computers – but would if you want to be able to use the same Microsoft Outlook data file on multiple computers? We should be able to do this – and there are reasons of why you would need to do this, perhaps you’re a CEO of a company, and you have multiple computers for multiple purposes, but you’d like to be able to get all of your e-mail settings and calendar at home – and synchronizing with your smart phone just isn’t enough control. You need to be able to access Microsoft Outlook data files anywhere in the world, and not necessarily need to be in the same physical location as the server that hosts them. It would be like Microsoft Exchange, except it would be the Desktop version of Exchange, that would allow a small number of people to share the same Microsoft Outlook data file set – and they can even read and write to the files at the same time on multiple computers. It would essentially be a database built around Microsoft Outlook, so instead of a flat file, you would use SQL Server to host all of your data in the cloud, and then you would connect Microsoft Outlook to that cloud service so you can access all of your data through streaming services anywhere in the world, and you wouldn’t need to download the entire file in order to do it.


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