OneDrive – Continue Uploads, Download of Files That Have Changed Name

This pertains to the improvement of file synchronization technologies, such that when a file or directory changes name(s) on the Cloud Drive, or on the local drive, both of the systems can check the files in the directory and match them based on patterns or CRC numbers, to determine which files may match up to previously named files, for verification of the file contents before renaming, and then renaming the file(s) and/or directory(s), such that the files don’t have to be re-uploaded or re-downloaded again – which could save a lot of Internet traffic if the files are big and/or are spanning across multiple computers.

There should also be the option to cache documents that need write protection, while they are or aren’t being accessed by specific programs, such as to synchronize .pst files from Microsoft Outlook, as the program can’t open the data files when they are being synchronized.

Additionally, there should be ways to synchronize files that are being accessed by programs, such as open .pst files, and there should also be ways to synchronize meta data and other types of internal data that is internal to the specific data files, such as usernames and passwords stored in programs, and other forms of information such as specific files inside file archives without having to upload the entire archive, and other types of special circumstances for file synchronization as well.


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