Technology Development Projects

POP3 Capture Sent Messages, Place in IMAP Account

There should be the option for IMAP/POP3 accounts to capture POP3 sent e-mails, such as those sent by an e-mail program on a desktop computer to the SMTP servers of the same servers as the POP3 account, and then deliver the sent messages to the Sent Items folder on the IMAP account. Perhaps it would be important to only place the sent messages in the IMAP account, rather than the POP3 account, because if they were placed in the POP3 account, the desktop’s e-mail program would download the sent messages into the “Sent Items” or “Sent” or similar folder.

Similar Password Failed Login Allowance

Technology could identify when a user is attempting to guess their password based on a common format used for multiple passwords, and allow the guesses rather than lock out the user. This could occur with minor differences, such as capitalization errors, or single characters incorrect.

Improvement to Twitter

Have subscribe to e-mail alerts based on keywords in specific posts, such as following users, or all users. But most likely subscribed users.

System Time Update Activation or Temporary Allowance for SSL Certificates

Security related to SSL Certificates, with Leased On, or Leased Through values, should have an application extension that detects when the time or date is set wrong on a computer, and suggest to the end user to update the date or time.

Personal Relationship Communications Device


This device would be a transition from the previous idea of the Girlfriend tracker, while many of the technologies would be used in the new device, while this device would allow both parties to the relationship to track each other. This would include the print-out of telepathic data, GPS coordinates, surveillance video, and other information as available. This would help both parties t the relationship meld their activities and coordinate with each other for security and planning purposes of how their personal relationship is moving forward. The device would be a wrist computer, or could also be placed inside a coat, or viewed as a stand-alone device as a hand-held computer.


This device gets away from the one-way spying that results in the creation of surveillance detection environments that rely heavily on information security, such as individual isolation due to sociological echoes from someone else. While information security is still an importance with these devices, the sharing of information between the two parties of the relationship helps to minimize the sociological information because either individual can contact the other individual at any time and request help, say “I love you!”, or spy on themselves to create an illusion of deceit while working on a surprise.


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