Technology Development Projects

Improvements to HP Printers

Using the x576dw, we have noticed that there are some problems with it that could be worked out in future versions of the line of printers, or though software updates, such as:

  • Correct issue of Printer not powering on, and displaying an Amber light when the power button is pressed, usually after the printer freezes or needs to be turned off because of it going on Offline mode to the connected network, and/or because a print job fails.
  • Ability to remotely access the printer's memory, to see past print jobs.
  • Have a hard drive in the printer that stores all past print jobs, allowing the enterprise to queue up another print job by also having the ability to edit it on the printer or on the computer.
  • Issue of USB port taking an extremely long time to recognize it by the printer.
  • Poor calculations of remaining ink.
  • Issues of the printer cleaning its self in hours that are defined as off hours - it is undetermined if the cleaning is necessary to maintain the printer, or if the cleaning could wait until a future period, such as using a special type of rubbing alcohol to clean and maintain the print heads later. The rubbing alcohol could be refilled.
  • The exit door that is meant to keep dust out of the inside of the printer when it isn't printing sometimes doesn't open all the way, or can make a weird noise, like a spring twisting, and the door doesn't open all of the way.
  • It doesn't staple, 3-hole punch, or have an extra tray that could be used to separate different prints with colored paper that can be inserted as a divider page.

Issues that could be corrected for the HP PageWide 7740 Printer:

  • It doesn't scan large format media without manually selecting it. This is a cumbersome process.
  • The automatic document feeder doesn't scan wide format media.
  • It doesn't copy large format without specifically specifying it, or it may not support the copying of large format media.

Large Plasma or LCD Screen on Wall

  • Touch screen capability, separate device that goes over top to prevent damage to the display components

  • Personalized digital white board / take notes based on screen layout

    • Reduce use of paper to print screen layouts and then draw, scan, and modify digitally

    • Large size ideal for client interaction and client presentations

  • Ability to section off portions of the screen for to-do lists, notifications, commonly used application interfaces such as VIP, Video Conferencing, E-mail, Stock Market charts

    • Different phases of screen savers

    • Ability to have one large application workspace with lots of applications open, and one in the center of viewing area. Drag & drop from one application to another.


Request to Become WatchGuard Beta Tester

RE: Technology / Firewall Capability

  • Read encrypted communications in regards to the Data Theft Processes such as reading / storing SSH / SFTP / HTTPS hash tags and decrypting the data, looking for keywords.

  • Block web submissions of data files, such as those made from inside the network – not just accessed from outside the network.

  • Block services that use encryption, such as Microsoft OneDrive, and other Cloud programs, from transmitting information to the cloud pertaining to Intellectual Property related to specific terms

  • Foreign language translation of common terms, such as terms that may relate to the terms that are entered into the data theft protection systems interface.

Information Technology Updates to Existing Systems

  • Update Microsoft Word and other document publishing software, so that when you select a line of text, such as selecting it with the Shift key held down, and you use the right arrow to select one character at a time – make it so when you get to the end of the line, it doesn’t necessarily automatically select the Paragraph or /n character that is invisible, because sometimes there’s a lot of work to do that you don’t want to select the Paragraph character or /n character, and sometimes you do.

  • Make Microsoft Word so when you change the font size of the text that is immediately before the /n, that that text doesn’t change the formatting of the bullet that is underneath and to the left of the text that you’re changing formatting on.

  • Make Google’s Gmail and Android OS’s Gmail program to allow to add to a safe sender’s list, based on e-mail sent from an address not in your contacts.

  • Allow Gmail to receive e-mails only from contacts in your contacts, and not just from anyone – or receive e-mails from everyone based on filtering technology, or basically add filtering technology to automatically sort messages by variables and expressions to match messages to their respective folder(s) and/or action(s), such as add contact to the address book

  • For Google+, make it so the name of the person or organization that runs the site is downloaded into the Contacts system in the Google Android OS system.

Cloud Computing – OneDrive, Google Drive, or Other Cloud Drive Services as Backup Services

There should be an easy rollout to configure OneDrive, Google Drive, or Other Cloud Drive Services to be a primary backup source, and for synchronizing profiles and information between different computers.

There should be Cloud Drive backup programs that integrate with Storage Area Networks, so in other words a Cloud Drive locally on the SAN can be backed up to the cloud, either for secure remote access capabilities and/or purely for backup services, such as to protect from threats to the data such as natural disasters such as flooding or fires, or provide backup services when the electricity is out, so that it doesn’t affect productivity.

The programs should be able to roll out a backup plan automatically upon installation, so the customer just needs to pay and install the software. Billing could be monthly, and could be scaled to allow as much storage as is needed for scaled costs based on the type of business and the purpose of the use – i.e. the amount of accessed data, not necessarily just how much data is stored in the Cloud Drive.


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