Suggested Improvements to Slack Desktop

This isn’t really an invention concept, but rather a suggestion for improvements to Slack Desktop, which is used commonly within software development environments. Due to the high number of computers that we use at MCE123, for various purposes, including the Company Founder’s multiple laptops used for school purposes, and multiple laptops and desktops used within the company, in addition to several servers, we suggest that the sign-on experience for Slack Desktop allow for a single sign-on capability, that allows all of the email / password combinations for various slack channels to be stored within a single sign-on, and then the user can select which workspace(s) they want to interact with on specific systems. Without this, we are literally pulling out our hair every time we add a new workspace, because we may need to add the workspace on the upwards of 8 different computer systems.

Further improvement suggestions may follow in the future.

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