Virtual Walk-Through World

In a combination of the gaming environment, in which a user can alter their position through modes of transportation, and the bridging of the real world with the digital world, it is possible to have a virtual walk-through or drive-through world, in which real businesses can have virtual marketplaces that look and feel like their brick and mortar stores, and allows them to interact with different customers from around the world, as if those customers were walking into their brick and mortar store. This is ideal for specialty shops that you can’t find close to home, or if you wanted to preview a city that you have lived in previously or wish to live in, in the future. This technology allows you to go wherever you want, and see what it looks like in 3d modelling that will be built by private companies that can sell virtual real estate in the virtual platform. The most revenue will come from the digital platform host, because everyone will have to pay rent to have their virtual shop in the virtual world, that everyone will use. This could be integrated into Facebook, or Google, or other kinds of high-tech online businesses.

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