System to Render Layers and Dimensions of 2D Images into a 3D Immersive Environment

This technology pertains to a system that can render layers and multiple dimensions of two-dimensional images, that are taken by a 3d microscope, into a 3D immersive environment that can be navigated using Virtual Reality (VR) display with controls. This would essentially allow the images to be viewed, as if the user was flying through the space of the materials that have been scanned by the 3d microscope, and the user has the capability to switch to multiple dimension types, such as a different light wavelength, a different timeframe, or a different set of controls.

This system is capable of taking layers of images and rendering them into a 3d environment, by using a gradient filler in-between the layers to fill in the gaps of where materials were not scanned, for an instance in the case that the 3d microscope scanned at an inconsistent level of layers.

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