Improvements to Website – Customized Content Based on Accessor

There could be an improvement to the MCE123 websites, and to other client websites, through the programming of content based on the specific person or company that accessed the content – not necessarily based on their Big Data profile, but rather their ISP, location, and/or other identifiable attributes based on the session.

This could occur, as simple as the address resolution, or a trace route that is issued by the site, and then stored in a profile for that specific accessor, and then customize content on attributes that are known based on that ISP or location, such as income, purchasing habits, or even customized information based on the company that is accessing the website.

An example of this, would be if MCE123 programmed its website to provide specific information to Microsoft Corporation, based on its partnership – by programming the address resolution to specify specific content to that specific viewer.

MCE123 started doing this years ago on some client websites, such as customizing content based on a search engine provider, but on a high-traffic website, it could also be done based on the viewer, or accessor.

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