Improvements to Facebook


Edited concurrently with Merge / Sync of Mail / Contacts / Calendars document (MCE123 Technology Development)


  • There could be an option to make all past posts public, in privacy settings. I would need this when I run for President, so I can change all past posts to public, so the public can see all my past posts.

  • There could be an option to share Calendars, Contacts, and E-mail Messages through third party providers with the users of Facebook, through a Facebook Interface

  • There could be an interface on Facebook that allows users to check their e-mail / compose e-mail

  • There could be an interface to merge public calendars on Facebook with private calendars through ISPs, Cloud Providers, and e-mail providers

    • Options to selectively merge the calendars, e-mails, or other information

  • There could be an option to post e-mail messages to Facebook, through the e-mail providers

  • Facebook could make official applications that work on the Desktop, such as one that installs rather than just an App Store app, that you can control everything from, and have additional features that you can only access through the application

    • There could be a for-pay application that manages campaigns for companies, etc.


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