Technology Development Projects

Paper-Thin Computers, Tablets, and Phones

This technology pertains to the development of both circuitry with integrated circuits, and display technologies, that are paper thin, such as layers of materials that include the circuitry, battery, and display for a tablet, phone, or computer. The purpose would be that you could store more of them in a limited amount of space, or you could have the ability to bend them a limited amount. The display would can display just as bright and sensitive as today’s screens on phones, tablets, and computers – they would just be thinner. It is likely that this technology will be developed in around 2030 or later, based on the size of computing devices becoming smaller, faster, and cheaper over certain periods of time based on Moore’s Law. Limited capabilities of systems now exist with this technology, already.

System to Render Layers and Dimensions of 2D Images into a 3D Immersive Environment

This technology pertains to a system that can render layers and multiple dimensions of two-dimensional images, that are taken by a 3d microscope, into a 3D immersive environment that can be navigated using Virtual Reality (VR) display with controls. This would essentially allow the images to be viewed, as if the user was flying through the space of the materials that have been scanned by the 3d microscope, and the user has the capability to switch to multiple dimension types, such as a different light wavelength, a different timeframe, or a different set of controls.

This system is capable of taking layers of images and rendering them into a 3d environment, by using a gradient filler in-between the layers to fill in the gaps of where materials were not scanned, for an instance in the case that the 3d microscope scanned at an inconsistent level of layers.

News Website that Pulls Content from External Websites

This invention concept would essentially be a website that pulls in information from external websites, based on algorithms of where the content is located on the pages that display on the external websites. Examples of content that can be pulled in from external websites includes:

  • News Articles

  • Real Estate Listings

  • Classified Listings

  • Social Media Posts

The website would have a portal that would display pages that have changed format, or are no longer suitable for content extraction. An AI engine would work to re-calibrate the engine to pull in such content, and may require manual calibration as well.

The website would basically be a regional, or locational search engine, so it would pull in all of the content from regional websites and display the content on the main website, like a search engine, with Read More… links and the such.

Another function of the website could be to re-write content that is gathered from public sources, such as the writing of a program that can re-write content based on literary standards that an AI engine would learn how to do. This could allow the website to host primary sources of news articles that are found by the search engine, as re-written articles.

Telepathic Telephone

This technology pertains to the use of Artificial Telepathy to channel calls to the insides of the brain, such as through Optogenetics or microwave hearing effect. The telephone would be a logical unit, not a physical unit – although companies with a less broad application of telepathy may try to sell technologies that only pertain to limited functionality, such as telephone use.

See Artificial Telepathy for more information about this technology’s class of technologies.

Integrate Weather Service with Road Mapping / Satellite View

This could be an extension of Google Maps, or MapQuest, or any other mapping service – to offer real time storm tracking and updates based on the path that you are travelling on.

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