Artificial Telepathy Developed Because of Long-Distance Personal Relationship


I invented Artificial Telepathy to develop a higher level of communication with my girlfriend, of whom I intend to marry someday, thanks to the technology. I think that the privacy issues of Artificial Telepathy are over-rated, because people share information on Facebook all the time. Even if our privacy was violated by the Media, which it has been in the past, at least metaphorically, we’re not going to get mad at the Media. We may want to establish rules and policies of what types of information can go out – but we’re not ashamed of who we are, and the fact that we love each other. There’s nothing in the relationship that couldn’t hit the front page of the newspaper. It’s just the fact that nobody cares about two people talking to each other in their thoughts. Or do they just not know enough to care? Isn’t that the Media’s job? The Media hasn’t even done any significant research on us, as far as I can tell. It’s as if the relationship doesn’t even exist according to the Media, with its absence of coverage of the relationship. Perhaps the complexity of the relationship, and its lack of a physical domain attribute, is what the Media questions? But why, when both individuals consent? Can’t there be a relationship without the juicy details on the front page of the newspaper? You know she’d be heartbroken if I left her – so why not cover it? You know I’d never actually leave her, and the relationship is about as solid as 7 years of intelligence gathering by both sides, possibly more by her part, can teach us about each other. We love each other.


--MCE123 Company Founder


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