Telepathic Terms Dictionary

AI Visual Overlay – when data from the environment is collected by the satellite / emitter systems, then customize the visual overlay based on the environment and surveillance target

Satellite Guidance Systems – ability for navigation based on star charts. The systems automatically calibrate the location navigation based on alignments of star charts, and apply the intended route of navigation using the on-board guidance systems.

Telepathic Audio Overlay – audible overlay of proximity / environment with thoughts and hearing. The audible may resemble hearing the actual audio at times. The audible may also resemble the talking to one’s self, and may also resemble original thoughts. The use of the telepathic audio overlay is easily identifiable. The overlay may be used by another person talking to a surveillance target, often unknown by the speaker if the telepathic systems already generated the data/audio for the speaker.

Systems Inclination – the thought originating from the system, the system response was received and noted, and the resulting answer did not necessarily originate from the person writing about the inclination from the system.

Local Echo – pertains to at least one of the following characteristics:

  1. The message was received such that the message may have had an inclination to propagate to the external-internal thought mechanism

  2. There was an inclination to force motor control to speak what was provided by the system

  3. The message may have been compromised from SCI channel through systems inclination

    1. The message may have echoed locally, or otherwise the message was heard by at least one other person as it was received.

Telepathy – may pertain to the combination of the following sciences:

  1. Satellite technology

    1. Transmission and gathering of information to / from surveillance target, presumably on the ground

  2. Neuroscience

    1. How information is retrieved and transferred within the brain

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