Sex Relationship Transcription System and Progress of Sexual Relationship Tracking System

This technology pertains to the use of transcriptional conversion of surveillance data into a technical format that provides a timeline based transcription of all sex and progress of a sexual relationship, including the integration of a progress tracking system.

These systems are designed for Patrick Russell McElhiney for the purpose of accountability of girlfriends and the sexual relationships, through the use of the systems for the creation of software and technology that improves sexual relationships, through the studies of the linguistics of what works best – such that the characteristics of the correlations of what works are scientific and the software and technology would eventually be able to find the correlations and determine what works best through the use of surveillance technology and transcriptions in a highly secured and highly sensitive environment.

Information Sources

Audio, High-Resolution Video Surveillance, Geospatial Surveillance, Information Input from Individuals, Electronic Software Psychological Overview of Both Individuals from Other Transcriptions

Monitored Details

Kissing – types, timing, duration, affect on psychology, sexual arousal, location, recent food and drink consumption, use of oral health process (ie. brushing teeth, mouth wash) in proximity to timing

Timing – advance notice, time of day, linguistics of timing

Linguistic Patterns – correlations to sexual arousal, suggestion of sexual intentions, correlations of multiple intelligence sources and multiple linguistic patterns of sexual arousal

Undressing – order of items undressed, timing, duration, emphasis of undressing, location, posture, timing of undressing in correlation to the undressing of sexual partner – per individual, undressing of sexual partner, order of undressing of correlation of sexual partner, arousal of each individual from undressing, movements, sounds, kissing while undressing, touching

Roles – dominance, use of costumes, role playing, characterization

Location – furniture, room, posture(s), background of location

Attributes of Location – furniture color, type of furniture, upholstery, blinds, curtains, type of building, ownership, building layout, location of building, sound proof room, distance of building from other buildings, number of roommates if applicable, pets and types/attributes of pets, location of doorways, number of windows in the room, privacy of the room, crime rate of area of building within town/city

Characteristics of Sexual Arousal – love, fear of emotions, thought programmed, sneaky, timing, hunger, thirst, temperature, visual, audible, coercion, intimidation, teasing, tickling, touching, romance, intimacy, lack of information, lack of thought, telepathic, psychopathic, similarities, differences, linguistic

Tone – tone of voice, tone of speech, directness of speech, context of speech, audible range of voice, volume of voice, audible patterns of tone, correlations of mood and tone of voice, correlations of sexual arousal and tone of voice, changes in the tone of voice such as multiple sexual personalities

Characteristics of Movement – shaking, calculated, repetitive, grasping, shyness, pinning (against a wall, on furniture), momentum off attraction, metaphysical touching of areas of body (mind, heart, ear, engagement hand, engagement finger, engagement leg, thy, arm)

Characteristics of Attraction – possessive, obsessive, inseparable

Clothing – Lingerie Type, Underwear Type, Bra Type, Shirt Type, Pants Type, Dress Type, Socks Type, Shoes Type, Accessories (Scarf, Hat, Belt, Bracelet, Jewelry), Sweater, Jacket, Coat, Baiting Suit, Costume, Translucent Clothing, Fabric Type, Types of Washing Fluid and Fabric Softener Used, Process of Washing and Drying Used

Types of Makeup – foundation type, eyeliner type and color, lip gloss type color and flavor, blush type, mascara type

Hair – length, color, use of hairspray, use of hair coloring, use of highlights, use of conditioner, last time hair washed, use of hair fragrance, texture of hair, volume of hair, movement of hair, touching of the hair and head, hair touching sex partner and how

Aches – hickie, neck pain, back pain, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, vaginal aches, testicle pain, throat pain, heart issues, other types of physical pain.

Sensitivity – cold/heat, air, touch, sound, light, fluid, movement

Attraction / Sexual Arousal When Apart – thoughts of having sex with sexual partner, similar patterns of sexual arousal when in different locations within close time proximity, shared thoughts of sex when apart

Other Factors

Financial – correlations of financial status and wealth, total available cash, recent income of cash, and knowledge of future payments of cash as a motive for increased sexual behavior

Medical – correlations of medical conditions to specific requirements of a sexual relationship – such as possessiveness and need to track sexual partner at all times, inability to deal with infidelity due to past issues of sex partner(s) cheating and/or fear of infidelity, small body, delicate bone structures, requirement of gentle relation and/or fear of being mistreated, learning disorder, shyness in regards to sex

History of Personal Relationships – lack of experience, lack of recent experience, prolonged independence from sexual relations

Other Factors – overdeveloped professional life

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