Combination of Manufacturing Processes with Automated Preparation Systems

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This system pertains to the combination of the manufacturing processes with the automated preparation systems. This could be the creation of the buns from bread products and oven systems that efficiently manage heat through refrigeration systems that are used to keep refrigeration liquid cool for the storage of products that need to stay cold. The ovens would provide a cold source for the refrigeration system, through the utilization of low power geospatial lighting systems that improve the process of the cooking, and the utilization of cooking processes that are equal within all parts of the bread, and the ability to cook the outer shell of the bread to a brown utilizing the light amplification and light flash process near the completion time. The inside of the bread would cook until the sensors of the process reach the intended goal of the cooking process, and the system would apply a template for the cooking process that is based on the intended output of the bread product, rather than the timer being fixed based on a time.

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