Administration Staff Work Automation

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This technology pertains to the automation of administrative staff work through the virtualization of the person’s work, such that the history of their work is determined and formed into a template that is conformed to a pattern template of the activities of the staff position that is filled by the person, and the virtualization of the staff position based on that person is able to answer phone calls and prompt based on the automation template of that person, and then have normal conversations based on combinations of voice synthesis software and patterns that pertain to how the staff member usually talks when referring to specific types of terms and organization of subject matter, and other processes are automated the same way with the templates of other types of communication technologies. The computer screen on the staff member’s desk displays a virtualized 4D model of the staff member that is able to respond like the staff member usually does. The information is relayed directly to the wireless device of the staff member, and the staff member is able to leave the office for instance to go outside and attend campaign rallies, while at the same time the staff member is able to keep working in the position. This technology also has the ability of implementing an active policy of the staff member’s position on the presence in public, such that the staff member is represented as the staff member. A security component has the ability to automatically plan and dispatch standard types of security dispatch formations that ensure the staff member is protected and represented in the representation of the organization.

This technology may also apply to Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, virtual reality, and holograms, such as futuristic work environments that conform to increasingly demanding tasks, such as managing companies with millions of people, or even management of government agencies. The same type of technology could also apply to other types of careers, including non-management positions, such as police officers, taxi drivers, and bank tellers.

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