Technology Development Projects

Enhanced Kevlar Clothing with Graphical Integrated Circuitry

This invention pertains to bullet proof clothing that has graphical user interface circuitry in it, that allows it to control other systems, such as the Retina Heads Up Display System, the Artificial Telepathy System, nearby weapon systems, vehicle navigation, aircraft navigation, and other similar military and law enforcement systems. The technology would work by using a display system that is seen through the fabric from the inside, however there would be an additional layer of protection in-between the circuitry and the body.

Translucent Nano Carbon-Chain Kevlar

This type of see-through Kevlar would use carbon chains stitched together on a nanometer scale, to allow the maximum amount of security, that allows an interior layer of clothing to see through, or optical circuitry to blend in the soldier or police officer with the background by bending the light around the user’s body with fiber-optics. The material can be magnetically charged, which will repel bullets before they impact the material.

This fabric can be used with a Heads-Up Display helmet that allows 360-degree vision, and services like the ability to create wireframes that can see through buildings, including the persons moving inside the buildings, the ability to track bullet trajectories, the ability to hear inside buildings with directional parabolic microphones, the ability to connect to all surrounding WiFi and other types of wireless networks and devices and display content, the ability to re-create crime scenes digitally, and the ability to re-create crime incidents digitally.

This system is ideal for combat or policing in metropolitan areas, while it also has applications in virtually all environments, including a version that can act as a space suit. The system runs with an Artificial Intelligence system that handles all of the computations.

Pelletier Cooling or Heating - Jacket or Vest

This invention pertains to a vest or jacket, or both, that have Pelletier cooling elements that can either make the interior cool, or make the interior hot, by separating the differences of the hot and cold elements through Pelletier cooling technology.

Shirt That Holds Business Cards

A shirt that has a place to hold business cards, or a jacket that has a place to hold business cards, that is visible, such as a pouch or a clear pocket.

Electronic Velcro Underwear Straps

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This may apply to bras that could use electronic straps that interlock in-between the layers of Velcro with electronic interlocks. This would be possible to create with water proof technology, such as an interlock cord that pulled or pushed, while the electronic locking mechanism is secured within an internal compartment.


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