Technology Development Projects

Collapsible Egg-Safe Container

This concept pertains to a container that holds eggs, and collapses when not all the container is filled up. It collapses by compartment, so that only the number of eggs that you must place in the fridge fit in the container, in multiples of 2 or 3 for an example. The individual compartments for a few eggs a piece would collapse down so it would save space when you don’t have that many eggs to put in the fridge.

Tongs with Silicon Tips

This is a simple concept – tongs, such as those that are used to pick up hot dogs, with silicon tips, so that if you’re using a skillet or griddle, you can pick up items from the surface without scratching it. The silicon should be fire-resistant, and the tongs should be FDA approved.

Specialty Beverage Maker with Munition-Pods

There could be a system developed that creates specialty beverages with munition-pods, or pods that contain the concentrate or elements that are strained, and then after it is completely made, the system automatically replenishes the system with a new pod. The pod system would act like a machine gun, which would pull in a new pod from a streamer of pods out of a package that sits under the table of the beverage maker, and comes up through the middle of the machine, and then the empty pods are disposed of automatically by their release, robotically, into a trash can that sits below the beverage maker. The beverage maker could be connected to refrigerating system that can make different types of beverages, including soda, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, wine, beer, juices, and smoothies.

Forensic Culinary Arts

This means that the nature of culinary arts is analyzed at a forensic level, for determining what different ingredients and processes went into producing various dishes and meals. This can be used to determine how to make specific meals, using forensics to analyze the food, almost to a level of corporate espionage. The purpose of writing about this, is that if there’s a dish that you truly love more than anything, you should be able to use science to discover what went into it, and what made it taste that way – or essentially the creation of a recipe from the technical analysis of the food.

This machine would analyze not only the forensic value of the food at a microscopic level, but also at its real size as it appears in the real dish. The machine would need to be the size of a microwave, and it would have various types of analysis methods, such as optics, temperature, texture, chemical breakdown, ingredients, and other methods through the analysis of the compounds that are created with the various foods.

The system would make it possible to identify different ingredients, by comparing their forensic profile to the forensic profiles of known ingredients separately, and analyzing how they combine to form the actual dish, including with known scientific analysis, and modeling of scientific analysis types.

The Purpose of the Chip

When companies began including flavors with chips, such as avocado, or blueberry – this started to grasp some of the concept.

What about if they laser inscribed text that was specific to an individual, such as a wedding proposal? Or a business mission statement?

Now we’re starting to get closer to the concept.

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