Technology Development Projects

Electronic Warfare Technology, Rev 1

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  • Ability to gather enemy communications

    • Ability to transcribe enemy communications, including in different languages, to gather information about the communications

      • Ability for AI system to understand slang and special types of military communications, such as commands given to pilots

  • Ability to block enemy communications

    • Prevent soldiers, pilots, commanders, and other military people from communicating back to command and control

  • Ability to duplicate enemy communications while routing them through electronic warfare technology

    • Like cloning cell phone towers, ability of AI to detect how communications are made, and create a system that intercepts all of the communications to gather the information, and potentially change the information in-between multiple parties within enemy command structures.

  • Ability to create fake enemy communications

    • Misinformation – provide falsified information to commanders or soldiers, or return bad or wrong information back to command and control.

    • Misdirection – make soldiers, commanders, or other parties of enemy communications think something is happening that isn’t, or change the facts of something that is happening and provide different facts.

    • Ability to mimic voices and system sounds and tones through advanced AI, that improves based on information gathered from enemy communications

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