Inter-Cellular Pico-Cybernetics Technology

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This technology would pertain to the use of pico-scaled technologies, such as tiny computing structures that would have the capability of being implanted within cells, for the purpose of improving intelligence capabilities, motor functions, cellular regeneration and cellular health, instantaneous accountability of health through computerized processes, ability to communicate information within the brain faster than the speed of neurons, ability to program the mind with large amounts of information within digital memory in the pico-cybernetics within the cells, and the ability to provide protection of cells from harsh conditions for short amounts of time, such as inter-cellular repair, protection of cells from cancer and dehydration, and protection of cells from poor blood circulation, and the ability to prevent conditions such as heart attacks.

This technology could work through the combination of multiple layers of membranes that have pico-scaled interface channels, such as the ability to store light, cellular stabilization agents that balance the fluid makeup in the cells, sensors, and other types of technologies for processing light and communicating with nearby networks of the same types of inter-cellular pico-cybernetics technology.

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