Encryption-Decryption Artificial Intelligence Systems

This invention concept pertains to the development of a system that automatically determines encryption standards based on variations of known algorithms, and develops new algorithms based on all knowledge pertaining to encryption. The system has the capability to decrypt any encrypted data, as it can quickly search for encryption keys, artifacts, and other hints that help it ultimately crack any type of encryption, regardless of how many times it has been encrypted, how many layers of encryption it has, and how many different types of encryption have been used. The system will require a super-computer with hundreds of thousands of graphics processing units (GPUs) that operate in parallel for batch processing, or a quantum computer with around 150 Q bits of power.

The way the technology works is it factors in all the possible variations of information, first based on known encryption standards and methods, and then based on the unknown variables. The reason why the system can decrypt anything, is its sheer processing power, and its Artificial Intelligence that learns about how to improve encryption standards with each moment its kernel runs. For this reason, the system can calculate trillions or more possibilities with regards to types of encryption, while the number of key possibilities is quite a bit more in complexity. Without the power of the super processing power, the Artificial Intelligence would not be smart enough to operate.

The ideal customer for this system would be the National Security Agency.

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