Underground Facilities Construction

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This pertains to technology of building underground facilities with isolated life support systems, airlock doors, building layers of impenetrable materials above the underground living quarters such as the prevention of destruction of the living quarters from space debris, comets, and asteroids. The use of special types of elevators with isolated clearing shafts and airlocks at multiple levels, to ensure that if there are problems at one level the problems to not spread to another level, such as containing potential issues of internal problems such as disease outbreaks, while also having security to protect from outside problems such as damages to the elevator shafts from space debris. Contingency plans and technology to ensure that if the elevator shaft is damaged above ground, that there is technology to excavate out of the elevator tunnel, to ensure that there is no possibility of being trapped underground from potentials of space debris. There are systems capable of converting the carbon dioxide from human breath into oxygen. There are systems that produce food, water, beer, medicine, and other types of basic consumable necessities, from equipment that is very small and capable of rapid production of small quantities while also having the capability of rapid production of large numbers of small quantities, through the use of tiny equipment under high-pressure systems that create the necessities of various types of food and drinks from basic elements and rapid growth technologies such as rapid plant growth and the storage of seeds of plants, and seed maintenance to ensure that the seeds are kept at optimum living standards.

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