Ice Creation Facilities Construction

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This facility type pertains to a platform and/or multiple platforms that connect together, and create heat from the compression of refrigeration liquid that is circulated from the water of the surrounding ice oceanic areas, such that the heat is removed from the water at a scale that the water freezes entirely. The facility platform may have the ability to raise the height of the facilities platform(s) significantly and add additional refrigeration circulation piping systems to increase the amount of the ice. This type of facility would be ideal for utilization of oceanic area at the North and South poles for the purpose of preserving the cold of the regions, while at the same time utilize the heat from the cooling of the water for the production of alcohol distillation for instance. The facilities could be a combination of airports and large industrial sized alcohol distillation plants that market their products as saving the planet and the polar bears from climate change. Products could be a combination of various types of high-quality spirits such as Russian vodka, gin, in addition to high-quality mass production of specialty beers.

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