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Superior Housing Construction Methods

There could be houses that are built to be resistant or protected from flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other types of natural disasters. The construction type should be selected based on the location of the home or building. Examples of superior construction methods include building thicker foundations out of industrial strength concrete with rebar that can sustain cracking, and would maintain the structure in the same position even if there was movement with a system of springs or counterweights, to protect from earthquakes. Walls could be designed out of thick concrete, or could be built with metal frames that meet with metal framing throughout the roof, and are bolted down with very large bolts to the foundation, to protect from hurricanes and tornadoes. There could be an elevation to the structure to protect from flooding. There could be automatic drainage systems with automatic pumping systems to clean out basements or crawl spaces that could become flooded. Concrete and metal framed homes could protect against fire, with fire resistant materials to make up the interior design and furniture inside the home.

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