Technology to Scan Jet Aircraft & Missiles for Presence of Weapons

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This technology would basically be an optical / radio frequency scanning technology that would be able to scan an aircraft from miles away and determine if the aircraft is carrying weapons, and even how much fuel is on-board the jet aircraft.

This technology could also be used to scan missiles while they are early on in their flight, especially to check for different types of warheads, and determining if there is a MIRV system onboard, or if it is another type of kill vehicle or kinetic bomb.

For intercepts, scanning missiles for active parts such as nuclear warheads could help to disable the components of a MIRV system after re-entry by using multiple precision kill vehicles that destroy the warheads upon re-entry in the case that an ICBM or SCBM is not able to be destroyed during its initial ascent into the atmosphere. This would obviously be a last ditch effort, but it is necessary to consider so there are backup options to destroying re-entry vehicles and their different components.

This same technology could be used to penetrate through cloaked shielding on jet aircraft to examine signatures on the inside of the materials, such as the jet fuel, warheads, etc. that may usually be hidden to conventional radar, but when scanning for the signatures of specific elements, the aircraft or missiles could be identified even if they are jamming radar systems.

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