Technology Development

The following works are under development by MCE123 Technology Development:

Raspberry Pi 3 Programming / Development

Raspberry Pi 3 Programming / Development to prototype a small computer that may be used to develop other MCE123 Technology Development projects.

  • As of 9/26/2017, we currently have a Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B running with a 7" Touch Screen, and a 10,000mAh battery that fits nicely on the rear of the computer's case. It is approximately 4" deep with the battery, which will allow it to run for several days at full processing capacity without a charge. It's able to run our custom Python code that we have developed. We are looking into developing new types of technology using the RP3-B, possibly including some of the security systems we have designed. We are looking into how to create a network of RP3-B devices with high-resolution camera units, that could project a high-definition stream over our wireless networks or through the LAN, and create custom code on a server that processes the imagery in order to develop software that can detect movement, body language, detect threats to security, and incorporate facial recognition. We are looking into designing an entire system, that could work with vehicles as well as physical locations.

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