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News Website that Pulls Content from External Websites

This invention concept would essentially be a website that pulls in information from external websites, based on algorithms of where the content is located on the pages that display on the external websites. Examples of content that can be pulled in from external websites includes:

  • News Articles

  • Real Estate Listings

  • Classified Listings

  • Social Media Posts

The website would have a portal that would display pages that have changed format, or are no longer suitable for content extraction. An AI engine would work to re-calibrate the engine to pull in such content, and may require manual calibration as well.

The website would basically be a regional, or locational search engine, so it would pull in all of the content from regional websites and display the content on the main website, like a search engine, with Read More… links and the such.

Another function of the website could be to re-write content that is gathered from public sources, such as the writing of a program that can re-write content based on literary standards that an AI engine would learn how to do. This could allow the website to host primary sources of news articles that are found by the search engine, as re-written articles.

3D/4D Modelling Microscope

This invention concept pertains to a microscope that uses both imagery and radio frequency and lasers to build a 3D model of the object that the microscope is focused on. It works by using radio frequency and lasers to measure the distances between the microscope’s lens and the object’s peaks and valleys, and build a 3-dimensional model of that landscape. The object can be rotated, and flipped on its sides, as well as on its back, to complete the 3D model of the object and its properties. The imagery lens gathers the colors and textures, which are automatically applied to the surfaces of the 3D model of the object and its properties. The system also uses an Artificial Intelligence system to identify common objects, such as molecules in a compound, or transistors on a circuit board, and it applies that knowledge when building the 3D models. The microscope can also build 3D models over the properties of time passing by, such as the movement of bacteria, or the movements of bugs under the microscope’s lens. It does this by processing a variable number of frames per second, and rendering the manipulations to the 3D model in each of the frames, such as rotation, extrusion, or other types of movement or deformation.

Super-Magnetic Human Shielding

This invention pertains to a fabric or metal that can be used in combat clothing for repelling bullets and other fragments away from the human that is being shielded by the clothing. It could be used for law enforcement, military, military intelligence, and other forms of dangerous working conditions. The shield would put out powerful magnetic waves that would stop even large rounds from hitting their target. Currently, there is no known way to have the user be able to shoot at the same time they are using the shield, and the shield would not protect against non-magnetically affected rounds, such as plastic bullets or rocks, however other shielding technologies such as Kevlar could be used to protect from other types of munitions and projectiles. If the user wants to fire, they would need to turn off the shield first, or their bullets, if susceptible to magnetism, would stray off path, which would be even more dangerous to the surroundings. This shielding technology is ideal for fleeing a dangerous area where there is lots of gun fire. The length of time that the shield would operate for would be based on the amount of battery life or other power cell capacity. For a lengthy duration of use, the user could use a small concealed nuclear generator, such as for in space to avoid metal debris from colliding with the suit. Ideally, a combination of different types of shielding would be used, and they would differ in their abilities as far as strengths and weaknesses, most likely based on the conditions that they are used for.

Time Travel Theory Artificial Intelligence Analysis System

This invention concept would pertain to the analysis of time travel theories and stories, and compare them to mathematical algorithms to determine if it would theoretically be possible to travel through time, even if it isn’t technically possible, or at least at the current time. The mathematical formulas, and the insights into the transitions between timeframes, could help to develop new technologies – not necessarily time travel technologies, but rather technologies that can utilize the knowledge and formulas that can explain the theories.

These technologies could include new types of elements, including unstable particles, new types of compounds, new types of electronic technologies, and new types of nuclear technologies, including renewable energy sources, new forms of propulsion or transportation technologies, and new types of Information Technology (IT) systems.

AT Systems: Dating and Romance Artificial Intelligence System

This invention concept pertains to the development of an artificial intelligence system that can provide insight and spontaneity in dating and romance communications, through the Artificial Telepathy system. It can include making recommendations on what a person should do to plan and act out on dates for romance purposes. The system could include a contextual analysis system that analyzes patterns of communications between the two individuals, and provides insight into the user’s chosen partner, such as how to respond to their communications, steps that should be taken to achieve certain levels of communications, and make recommendations for future communications. This system could also interact with the partner’s instance of their Artificial Telepathy system, to gather more information if privacy settings allow the gathering of the information, or to provide information if the user’s incoming privacy settings allow the transfer of information from User 1 to User 2. The system would allow the communications to occur within the Artificial Telepathy systems, or otherwise in the form of a voice inside your head that talks to the other person, through the technology, and also through other forms of communications such as through the visualizations channel, the audible channel, the sensory channel, and other communication channels of AT Systems.

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