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Cause & Effect Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Correction System

This invention pertains to the cause and effect of changes that occur because of AI systems, such as the analysis of brainwaves, or the use of robotics, such that the systems need to be aware of potential changes that could and would occur because of their changes or actions. The system would be able to predict these changes or actions that are subsequent because of the AI system, and correct the alterations to the assets through predictive analysis to overcome challenges and foresee issues that could arise.

Enhanced Automated Robotic Object Detection System

This invention pertains to a system of sensors, including different types of sensors such as lidar, radar, microwave, infrared, and optical cameras / sensor grids that all work together to detect the slightest object in the path of a robotics system or automated driven vehicle, for the purpose of avoiding accidents, while not requiring a person to drive the vehicle. The system would not just work off of Artificial Intelligence to determine driving habits and mimic them while staying in lanes, not running into other cars or hitting pedestrians, and following all speed limits and other laws. The system would also have a sensor grid that would allow it to detect any type of object that is in its path, and determine if it is a threat, and if so, have the ability to alter its behavior to avoid the object if necessary – not just objects that can be seen, but any object that takes up physical space, as detected by the sensor grid. This came to light because of car accidents from existing systems of automated driving vehicles from their operators not taking over the wheel when they are alerted of a danger. In the future, there is a need for vehicles that are completely autonomous – that can take orders from humans such as setting a destination, or pulling over to pick up a friend, or scheduling a detour. Basically the system would need to be able to do anything that the human instructs them to do, or a command system instructs them to do, and the system would need to be able to think like a human when making decisions about doing those tasks that are necessary for the vehicle to mimic the abilities of what it would be like if a human were driving the vehicle.

The same could be applied to airplanes and other moving objects such as drones, for an example for military command systems, where there are networks of devices that take commands from soldiers who are authorized to control them on the battlefield. The same type of analytics system would need to be invented for the military command system – to be able to think like a human. One possibility is to synchronize the Artificial Intelligence system with EEG data, or data that is gathered from brainwaves, if and when it can be decoded. Another option is to use cameras and microphones and other sensors to detect what the humans are doing with the vehicles and robotics systems, before the command system is in place – or in other words the mark 1 systems are gathering intelligence for future AI controlled systems that are based on what past humans have done. Eventually, there will be a need to have mind control over devices, such as EEG or otherwise brain scanning systems that gather thoughts and convey them to Artificial Intelligence systems on the battlefield, or in vehicles or airplanes, so that they can be controlled, through safety systems that don’t allow any illegal actions, but take into consideration useful information that humans provide the system about the navigation or otherwise controlling the robotics systems, as if they have their hands and feet on the physical controls themselves.

Website User Tracking and Improvement Recommendation System

This invention concept pertains to the use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze website access logs and data gathered from JavaScript code that analyzes how users on a website move their mouse around the website, and what they click on, and when they click on it – to determine improvements that can be recommended for the website. This system would be able to detect sections of a website that are turning away users, by tracking the dropped connections in correlation with where the mouse cursor is on certain parts of the website, or at least where the scroll bar is, to determine what parts of the website are turning users away from purchasing products and services from a company. The logic behind the system is fairly simple – just look for anomalies that keep happening on the website, and it could also determine what is working on the website, so that users are provided information that they want to see and read about, rather than information that they don’t want to see.

Improvement to Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Software, and Microsoft Outlook

This option could also apply to the OneDrive Cloud center, where you can view all of your files online. Perhaps something has been uploaded, and you want to specify that a certain file or folder that is queued for download on one of your computers should be prioritized over all others. Not to mention it would be great if you could see what the synchronization is doing on various computers that are connected to the same OneDrive account online. It’s kind of like the look at the files on the computer, but more streamlined into you being able to control synchronization – especially with the ability to prioritize certain files or folders over others.

There should also be a way to synchronize only changes to certain files, such as Microsoft Outlook Data Files. What we’ve noticed is that they take a long time to synchronize between the computers, and there’s really no work-around unless you chose to not synchronize those specific Microsoft Outlook files on other computers – but would if you want to be able to use the same Microsoft Outlook data file on multiple computers? We should be able to do this – and there are reasons of why you would need to do this, perhaps you’re a CEO of a company, and you have multiple computers for multiple purposes, but you’d like to be able to get all of your e-mail settings and calendar at home – and synchronizing with your smart phone just isn’t enough control. You need to be able to access Microsoft Outlook data files anywhere in the world, and not necessarily need to be in the same physical location as the server that hosts them. It would be like Microsoft Exchange, except it would be the Desktop version of Exchange, that would allow a small number of people to share the same Microsoft Outlook data file set – and they can even read and write to the files at the same time on multiple computers. It would essentially be a database built around Microsoft Outlook, so instead of a flat file, you would use SQL Server to host all of your data in the cloud, and then you would connect Microsoft Outlook to that cloud service so you can access all of your data through streaming services anywhere in the world, and you wouldn’t need to download the entire file in order to do it.


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Automated Tax Avoidance Accounting Software

This invention concept pertains to accounting planning software that helps to inform customers how to avoid paying taxes based on their projected earnings. It gives options of how to obtain write-offs through purchases, and advises on other financial maneuvers, such as how to save for retirement, while incurring the minimum amount of tax liability. The system would automatically update its database of tax policy that it uses to make advisements directly from the Internal Revenue Service.

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